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Lake Hattie
Lake Hattie is located west of Laramie near the foothills of the Medicine Bow Mountains and offers fishing for 4 varieties of trout, some of which can be large.
Wheatland Reservoir #3
Three species of trout which grow large in this windswept prairie lake draws the angler to Wheatland #3 in search of a trophy fish..
Granite Springs Reservoir
Granite Springs Reservoir in the Curt Gowdy State Park offers a wide variety of recreational amenities in addition to fishing for 3 species of trout.
Crystal Reservoir
Crystal Reservoir is one of three lakes in the popular Curt Gowdy State Park, which offers boating, fishing, archery, hiking, biking, and horse riding trails.
Meeboer Lake
Meeboer Lake, one of the Laramie Plains Lakes, is annually stocked with rainbow trout which grow rapidly.
Gelatt Lake
This small, weedy Laramie Plains lake is stocked in the spring with rainbow and cutthroat trout which grow rapidly.
Twin Buttes Reservoir
Twin Buttes Reservoir, named for the two geological rockscapes which rise up just north of the lake, is another of the Laramie Plains lakes which can produce large trout for the angler.
Lake Owen
Lake Owen, located southwest of Laramie, offers high altitude fishing for brook and rainbow trout.
Alsop Lake
Within minutes of Laramie, Alsop offers trophy trout fishing anglers. Special regulations are in place and all fishing must be by artificial flies or lures.
East Allen Lake
Following massive fish kills in 2017 and 2018 following drastic shifts in water quality, East Allen is NO LONGER managed as a trout fishery, and is no longer stocked.
Leazenby Lake
Located close to Laramie, adjacent to Highway 287, Leazenby Lake contains brook and rainbow trout in a wide range of sizes.
Diamond Lake (Bosler Reservoir)
Once closed due to low water, Diamond Lake (aka, Bosler Reservoir) has been stocked starting 2016 and fishing is good again.
Sodergreen Lake
Sodergreen Lake near Laramie provides easily accessed fishing for stocked rainbow trout.