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The Fish Explorer Lake Skipper program could also be called a "Lake Moderator" program. Essentially, we are looking for members who can help maintain a single lake or lakes' conditions updated on a regular basis.
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Lakes without Skippers
Alsop LakeBig Horn Lake
Big Sandy ReservoirBlackhills Power and Light Reservoir
Boulder LakeBoysen Reservoir
Buffalo Bill ReservoirBurnt Lake
Cook LakeDiamond Lake (Bosler Reservoir)
East Allen LakeFish Lake
Flaming Gorge ReservoirFontenelle Reservoir
Fremont LakeGelatt Lake
Glendo ReservoirGranite Springs Reservoir
Guernsey ReservoirHalfmoon Lake
High Savery ReservoirHog Park Reservoir
Jackson LakeJade Lakes, Upper and Lower
Jenny LakeJim Bridger Power Plant Surge Pond
LAK ReservoirLake Alice
Lake DeSmetLower North Crow Reservoir
New Fork LakeNewton Lakes
Ocean LakePilot Butte Reservoir
Ring LakeRock Lake
Saratoga LakeSeminoe Reservoir
Soda LakeSodergreen Lake
Sunshine Lake (Lower)Sunshine Reservoir (Upper)
Toltec ReservoirTorrey Lake
Trail LakeTurner Creek Reservoir
Upper North Crow ReservoirWheatland Reservoir #1
Willow LakeYellowstone Lake
Arrowhead Lodge Pond (coming soon)Bear Lodge Pond (coming soon)
Beck Lake (coming soon)Billy Creek Reservoir (coming soon)
Brooks Lake (coming soon)Brooks Lake, Upper (coming soon)
Buffalo Wetlands Pond (coming soon)Calvin Lake (coming soon)
Christina Lake (coming soon)Cloud Peak Reservoir (coming soon)
Deaver Reservoir (coming soon)Depression Reservoir (Middle) (coming soon)
Dollar Lake (coming soon)Duck Pond (coming soon)
Dullknife Reservoir (coming soon)Duncan Lake (coming soon)
East Iron Creek Reservoir (coming soon)Festo Lake (coming soon)
Fiddlers Lake (coming soon)Frye Lake (coming soon)
Gillette Fishing Lake (coming soon)Grassy Lake (coming soon)
Green River Lake (coming soon)Harrington Reservoir (coming soon)
Hogan Reservoir (coming soon)Indian Pond (coming soon)
Johnson Creek Reservoir (coming soon)Kearny Reservoir (coming soon)
Kemmerer City Reservoir (coming soon)Kleenburn Ponds (coming soon)
Kortes Reservoir (coming soon)Lake of the Woods (coming soon)
Leidy Lake (coming soon)Little Soda Lake (coming soon)
Little Thunder Reservoir (coming soon)Louis Lake (coming soon)
Lower Slide Lake (coming soon)Luce Reservoir (coming soon)
Luckey Pond (coming soon)Mavrakis Pond (coming soon)
Meadow Lake (coming soon)Meadowlark Lake (coming soon)
Medicine Lake (coming soon)Meeks Cabin Reservoir (coming soon)
Middle Fork Pond (coming soon)Middle Piney Lake (coming soon)
Muddy Guard Reservoirs 1 & 2 (coming soon)Murphy Lakes (coming soon)
MW Reservoir (coming soon)North Bud Love Ponds (coming soon)
Packers Lake (coming soon)Palisades Reservoir (coming soon)
Panther Pond (coming soon)Pelham Lake (coming soon)
Pines Lodge Pond (coming soon)Ranchester City Pond (coming soon)
Renner Reservoir (coming soon)Shoshone Lake (coming soon)
Sibley Lake (coming soon)Sleeping Indian Pond (coming soon)
South Bud Love Pond (coming soon)South Fork Inn Pond (coming soon)
Sulphur Creek Reservoir (coming soon)Sundance Fairgrounds Pond (coming soon)
Swamp Lake (coming soon)Teton Reservoir (coming soon)
Turpin Reservoir (coming soon)Twin Lakes Reservoir (coming soon)
Viva Naughton Reservoir (coming soon)Walker Jenkins Lake (coming soon)
Willow Park Reservoir (coming soon)Woodruff Narrows Reservoir (coming soon)
Worthen Meadows Reservoir (coming soon)