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External review of Game and Fish programs completed
Cheyenne - As part of its work the Governorís Task Force on Fish and Wildlife Resources asked for a review of programs at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. The Wildlife Management Institute (WMI) responded to a Request for Proposal released by the State of Wyoming to review 12 selected programs. The 12 programs evaluated were selected by the Governorís Task Force on Fish and Wildlife Resources. The purpose of the program evaluation was to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the 12 programs. This program evaluation was not a financial audit. Game and Fish receives other financial audits on a regular basis.

WMI met with members of the Task Force, Game and Fish staff, reviewed and analyzed numerous documents requested from and provided by Game and Fish, interviewed Game and Fish Commissioners, and compared Wyomingís programs to information from adjoining state fish and wildlife agencies. Based on WMIís program evaluation, WMI provided recommendations to improve individual program areas.

WMI also provided recommendations that would incorporate a broader strategic look at all Game and Fish programs. These recommendations include a formal public engagement process to ensure that Game and Fish program goals and objectives are based on an evaluation of the needs and desires of Game and Fish stakeholders.

WMIís evaluation is here: WMI Report


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