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X-Stream Angler program promises memorable fishing this fall
Cheyenne - If last month’s forecast into Wyoming fall fishing didn’t push you to immediately grab your gear and hit the water, we have another idea that might entice you to wet a line before the snow flies. Wyoming Game and Fish Department recently debuted interactive instream flow maps, the newest and easiest way yet to participate in the X-Stream Angler program.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the passage of one of the most important Wyoming state laws to benefit to fish and the public who enjoys fishing for them. After decades of debate, the Wyoming legislature passed legislation in 1986 that affirmed what sportsmen had long known - that leaving water in streams for fish really was a benefit for the citizens of the state. Since then, the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission has led efforts to secure instream flow water rights for fisheries throughout the state.

Instream flow is a term that means ‘water flowing in streams.’ An instream flow water right refers to the legal means to protect water in streams for the benefit of fish based on the same laws used for other kinds of water rights.

“Water is the most important part of the habitat needed to manage fish, so securing instream flow water rights is a critically important habitat management practice. It’s one of the most effective ones, too, because once an instream flow right has been obtained, it lasts forever without any need for future repair or maintenance costs,” said Tom Annear, Game and Fish water management supervisor.

And what better way to explore these public waters than to simply get out and fish them? There are over 140 instream flow segments around the state that are part of the X-Stream Angler program.

“The X-Stream Angler program tests anglers' individual interests, desire, and energy,” said Annear. “And the new interactive instream flow maps make it even easier to find a places to fish and participate in the challenge. In the words of one participant this summer, ‘Awesome incentive. I’ve seen parts of the state I would not see otherwise. Thank-you!’”

Besides the bonus of finding some new places to fish, the program also rewards participants with a logo-emblazened baseball cap to display their accomplishment to others. To participate, anglers simply:

fish in at least three streams with instream flow segments,
document their trips with a photo, and
fill out a brief application, and then submit the photos and your information online, by email, or by regular mail. A paper application is available for download from the X-Stream Angler website.

Anglers are only allowed to get one hat per person but there’s no cost and no limit to the number of family members or buddies you can share the challenge with to earn their own hat.

“Even if you’re out hunting this fall, be sure to take your rod along. Fishing instream flow segments is a great way to diversify your outing and make your experience in the wilds of Wyoming even more enjoyable,” advised Annear.

(Wyoming Game and Fish (307) 777-4600)

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