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Animal Damage Management Board stamp helps raise money for wildlife
Cheyenne -

A voluntary stamp to support the mitigation of damages caused by animals is available from the Wyoming Animal Damage Management Board (ADMB). The $10 stamp helps fund projects designed to prevent and mitigate damage by predatory animals, predaceous birds, and depredating animals to livestock, crops, wildlife, property, human health and safety. Stamps are sold at any Wyoming Game and Fish Department authorized license seller.

“These stamps raise funds for management and we hope as sportsmen and sportswomen head into the field this fall they support this program. Game and Fish is glad to be an active part of the ADMB partnership. It is one way we work with those in agriculture who do so much to conserve wildlife,” said Scott Talbott, director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and co-chair of ADMB.

The projects supported by ADMB are diverse. Some projects include a study on striped skunks, research of the antibody response of an oral rabies vaccination, enhancing sage grouse and mule deer productivity where predators have an impact. On a larger scale, the stamp has also helped fund projects that look at the use to electric fencing to prevent conflicts between predators and livestock. Stamp proceeds are not used to pay individuals who experience damage caused by wildlife to private property.

“Sportsman and sportswomen are headed to hunting grounds all across Wyoming and many are looking for ways they can help Wyoming wildlife and the ranchers that provide hunting access. Purchasing an Animal Damage Management Board stamp is a great way for hunters to foster the symbiotic relationship between agriculture and wildlife," said Doug Miyamoto, director of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture and co-chair of ADMB.

ADMB is a collaborative effort between the Wyoming Department of Agriculture and the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission and the United States Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services. The board was formed in 1999 by the Wyoming Legislature to maximize agricultural production and at the same time to promote, protect and conserve wildlife resources. To learn more about ADMB, visit the ADMB website: The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission also contributes $100,000 per year to the ADMB that is used for project funding as well.


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