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Ask Game and Fish:
Jessica, I like taking photos of wildlife. What are some tips for getting a good shot?

Photography can be an excellent way to appreciate Wyoming’s wildlife and wild places. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Try to shoot at sunrise and sunset. These times of day are when the lighting will be most dynamic and interesting. Also, you’ll be more likely to see your critter eating or active instead of staring down your lens!
Consider a shallow depth-of-field. To create this, put your camera in the Aperture Priority Mode (AV for Canon and A for Nikon). Then adjust the f/stop value to a small number, like 3.5. This will make your subject stand out from the background and put all the focus on it.
Look for leading lines. These are elements of your scene that lead your eye into the image. It could be anything from a stream, to a road, to clouds. By framing your shot so these lines lead into the picture or the wildlife you’re photographing, you’ll come away with a more compelling composition.

And there you have it! Happy shooting.