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New Rapala RipStop to Debut at ICAST

The new Rapala® RipStop with fast-ripping, hard-stopping action is described as a cross between a
hard plastic jerkbait and a soft-body swimbait. It incorporates a unique tail design to create a fast ripping
flash and hard-stopping action fish will find irresistible. Built with a lip on the front and a tail
at the back of its lifelike profile, the lure can stop on a dime when being retrieved, and presents a
subtle shimmy before coming to a rest and slightly lifting its head with a super-slow rise.
An extraordinarily versatile bait, the RipStop may be fished as a twitch bait, popped and ripped like
a jerkbait, or cast and reeled in with a steady or variable-speed retrieve, providing a host of options
to make sure all species of gamefish strike. The bait features Rapala's new Dual Control System
design, which enhances action by offering greater stability and unbelievable control at any speed.
An integral part of the lure's design is its plastic boot tail, which creates a hard-rolling, slashing
action that mimics the live-minnow movements of a soft plastic swimbait. Weighing 1/4 ounces,
RipStops cast far with little effort and dive 3 to 4 feet. Featuring a modified flat-sided body, they
cut easily through the water and give off maximum flash. Featuring two-part plastic construction
with a non-inserted lip, they measure 3 ˝ inches and come armed with two sticky-sharp VMC®
light-wire treble hooks. They are available in 14 color patterns.

MSRP: $9.99

Available: July 2017