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Wyoming Lakes Map for fishing and boating

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All Active Wyoming Lakes on
Class 1 Lakes
Lake Absarraca
Alcova Reservoir
Lake Alice
Alsop Lake
Big Horn Lake
Big Sandy Reservoir
Boulder Lake
Boysen Reservoir
Buffalo Bill Reservoir
Burnt Lake
Cook Lake
Crystal Reservoir
Lake DeSmet
Diamond Lake (Bosler Reservoir)
Dome Rock Reservoir
East Allen Lake
Flaming Gorge Reservoir
Fontenelle Reservoir
Fremont Lake
Gelatt Lake
Glendo Reservoir
Granite Springs Reservoir
Grayrocks Reservoir
Guernsey Reservoir
Halfmoon Lake
Lake Hattie
Hawk Springs
Healy Lake
Hog Park Reservoir
Jackson Lake
Jenny Lake
Jim Bridger Power Plant Surge Pond
Keyhole Reservoir
LAK Reservoir
Leazenby Lake
Lower North Crow Reservoir
Meeboer Lake
New Fork Lake
Newton Lakes
Ocean Lake
Lake Owen
Pathfinder Reservoir
Pilot Butte Reservoir
Rob Roy Reservoir
Rock Lake
Saratoga Lake
Seminoe Reservoir
Sloans Lake
Soda Lake
Sodergreen Lake
Sunshine Lake (Lower)
Sunshine Reservoir (Upper)
Tie Hack Reservoir
Toltec Reservoir
Turner Creek Reservoir
Twin Buttes Reservoir
Upper North Crow Reservoir
Wheatland Reservoir #1
Wheatland Reservoir #3
Willow Lake
Yellowstone Lake
Class 2 Lakes
Sheridan Fairgrounds Pond
Class 4 Lakes
Blackhills Power and Light Reservoir
Lake Cameahwait (Bass Lake)
Fish Lake
High Savery Reservoir
Jade Lakes, Upper and Lower
Ring Lake
Torrey Lake
Trail Lake