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Diamond Lake

Status:  Log in or Register... 09.09.17
Water Tmp:  05.06.18
Level:  05.06.18
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Last Conditions Report for Diamond Lake: 05.06.18
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Diamond Lake
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Diamond Lake provided trophy fishing many years ago, but the lake went dry in the late 1990s. It was last stocked in 2001 but since has again gone dry. Efforts were made to install snowfences to trap additional water but the evaporation rate exceeded the incoming water. This privately owned lake is now (2014) closed to public fishing access but is still available for waterfowl hunting (informat... Log in for additional details...

Getting there:

Diamond Lake is located thirty miles west of Laramie, about four miles north of I-80. Take the Cooper Cove exit, exit 279, and heed the sign that states, Diamond Lake - 4 Miles.

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Diamond Lake Stocking 2015 to 2017
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Lake Class: 1