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Wyoming fishing reports

Post By: eholm      Posted: 12/3/2023 10:46:53 PM     Points: 17793    
Hey all, Iíve noticed thereís a real lack of updated Wyoming fishing reports anywhere on the web over the past 6 months. The fly shops havenít seemed to be posting updates.

SoÖ for anyone reading this, please letís all chip in and post some reports on this site. Itís really easy. Iíve posted reports on several WY lakes this year. If everyone who reads this would just post an occasional report for the places you fish, we could really help each other out.

As you know, WY locations can be far apart and many of us travel a long distance to get to a fishing location. So a little info is always helpful.

Also you donít have to give away any secret fishing info, even just conditions reports are fine like water level, temperature, (ice conditions in winter) etc.

If any of yíall have any other sites or data sources that you can share/link in this thread, that would be cool too.

Thanks and tight lines
 Reply by: team FMFO      Posted: 12/9/2023 1:33:56 PM     Points: 3552
I agree and will start doing reports when I go.
 Reply by: team FMFO      Posted: 12/10/2023 11:30:31 AM     Points: 3552
Other sites and data would help alot.
 Reply by: Steelhead      Posted: 12/14/2023 1:36:51 PM     Points: 1696
fly shops wont post any updates thru the winter for varies reasons but the main reason is there is very limited open water and they dont want you in the way if they are guiding and or just fishing for themselves which this is the time of year most guides have free time. its just the way it is.

its not meant to be deceitful by withholding info, it just doesnt make sense to giveaway free info this time of year.

i fish southeast wyoming year round and everything is froze over freezing now. tailwaters are your best bet,
m mile, grey reef or freemont canyon. low flows, clear water and small midges and worm patterns.

this report wont change until spring ice out.

good luck & fishon.

 Reply by: Troutbisquits      Posted: 12/16/2023 7:50:17 PM     Points: 2507
I think eholm is more talking ice reports, which is important info to know for safety reasons this time of year. I agree. I like to make a few Wyo trips a year. Will post ice conditions when I do.
 Reply by: eholm      Posted: 12/22/2023 1:25:10 PM     Points: 17793
OK, I've compiled a list of WY fishing report resources. Please feel free to add to this list by replying in this thread.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I think the fishing conditions reports here on FxR are the best formatted for being helpful compared to any other report site I've seen. They have the kind of data we want, and also conditions history. So... while I'm providing this list of resources... if you visit any waters in WY, please come back here to FxR and post a conditions report. It's quick and easy and I think we can make FxR the best resource in the long run.

WY fish stocking reports - seems to be complete with all stocking:
[log in for link]

WY fisheries annual newsletter by region, only once a year but it's something:
[log in for link]

WGFD News - general WGFD news, but contains occasional fish reports:
[log in for link]

West Laramie Fly Store FB page - a few reports may be posted occasionaly, and sometimes pics to provide clues:
[log in for link]

West Laramie Fly Store fishing reports - fairly sporadic but the reports do give fly and bait suggestions:
[log in for link]

Wyoming Anglers fishing reports - they are a fly fishing guide service, mainly central WY rivers - sporadic reports focused on flyfishing for Fremont Canyon, Grey Reef, Miracle Mile, Bighorn River, North Platte Saratoga:
[log in for link]

North Platte Lodge report on North Platte river - approximately monthly, focused on flow and hatch for Fremont Canyon, Grey Reef, Miracle Mile:
[log in for link]

North Fork Anglers reports - fly shop and guide service reporting on Cody region, Yellowstone, Shoshone areas. Not sure of frequency as they don't keep archive, but looks like monthly:
[log in for link]

Sportsman's Warehouse fishing reports for WY - they seem to post an average of around 5 per month, covering a wide range of waters. They are generally brief, but unlike most of the flysfishing shop reports, these aren't flyfishing-focused:
[log in for link]

Wyoming Ice Fishing FB groups:
[log in for link] (Ice fishing WY lakes)
[log in for link] (WY ice and open water)

Jackson area fly fishing reports - reporting tends to be more active in peak seasons:
[log in for link] (Jackson Hole Anglers)
[log in for link] (Worldcast Anglers)
[log in for link] (Snake River Angler)

Iceshanty forum - while I hesitate to refer you to a different forum, Iceshanty is probably the most popular icefishing-specific forum (which covers specific states other than MN) and some waters do get more frequently reported, while others do not.
[log in for link] (WY ice fishing forum)
[log in for link] (WY reports forum - must have an account and 3 posts to view it)

Again, if you visit any waters after using any of the above research, PLEASE come back here to FxR and post a conditions report!!

 Reply by: nparker      Posted: Jan. 7, 7:35:28 AM     Points: 2374
That is what I call a fishing report. Thanks!