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Lake: Glendo Reservoir

Glendo Ice

Post By: rgwaldron      Posted: 12/14/2022 8:53:52 AM     Points: 43    
I'm from Colorado and went up to Glendo last July. I had a great time and really want to try it out with hard water. I can't seem to find anywhere that posts regular updates on the status. Wyoming lakes don't seem to get updated as often as Colorado lakes.

Does anyone know of a good site to check for current ice conditions before I make a 4-hour drive?


 Reply by: P1lgrimm      Posted: 1/2/2023 6:04:18 PM     Points: 1555
Bob, I know this is late, and I am not sure it will help, but here is a number for Rooch's marina at Glendo. (307) 735-4216. I don't know if they are open, but it is worth a try if you are still feeling like you want to try. Good luck!
 Reply by: rgwaldron      Posted: 1/4/2023 9:27:56 AM     Points: 43
Thanks P1lgrimm. I haven't made it up there yet but I'll give them a call before i head up.
 Reply by: Lodharius      Posted: 1/17/2023 10:17:14 AM     Points: 31
Hi Bob did you ever make it to glendo? I was curious on the ice conditions and thickness. Planning on going this weekend.