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Fish: Black Crappie

Springer/Bump Sullivan boating info

Post By: rdailey      Posted: 12/9/2020 10:49:37 AM     Points: 1766    
It is not listed but I was looking for general information about boating on Springer Res. I read what Wyoming GF has on their site.

It looks like you can drive to the ramp then the road closure is after that.

Does anyone have any thing interesting to share?
 Reply by: rdailey      Posted: 1/6/2021 9:32:34 AM     Points: 1766
To answer my own question I drove up to area. Its all dirt road, some decent some not. Bump Sullivan is supposed to be a good crappie lake but is hand launch only as far as I can tell. Pretty area and seems worthwhile but not someplace to pull a boat to.

Springer is surrounded by private and I never did figure out how to drive in to it. But I believe it gets drawn down for irrigation normally so it is not really stocked or managed.

Those are the impressions I came away with.