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Lake: Wheatland Reservoir #3
Fish: Rainbow Trout

open fishable water

Post By: Steelhead      Posted: 3/25/2020 1:29:23 PM     Points: 525    
open water?
 Reply by: nparker      Posted: 4/12/2020 8:07:31 AM     Points: 1777    
A little water in a couple shallow bays. No fish being caught from what i heard.
 Reply by: nparker      Posted: 4/15/2020 8:09:22 AM     Points: 1777    
Can't fish here now.

I bought a nonresident annual license $104. Now the Wyoming gov tells Coloradans to stay away unless you are spending big bucks hiring a guide.
No mention of refunds on the license.

Lots of Wyoming neighbors like to ski in Colorado. I don't here of any calls for them to stay home. Why not share our resources and not take advantage of each other?
 Reply by: chickengeorge      Posted: 4/22/2020 6:54:19 PM     Points: 15    
Only until the end of April , we arešto stay out.
 Reply by: troutman58      Posted: 4/26/2020 4:05:19 AM     Points: 276    
out of state fee's are $114.00 i get one every year. they use to be $104.00
 Reply by: chickengeorge      Posted: 4/29/2020 8:22:43 PM     Points: 15    
May 8th now . Maybe ?????
 Reply by: sowhat      Posted: 5/1/2020 8:27:48 AM     Points: 8    
Governor said yesterday that camping in wyo. will open May 15 for residents only.
 Reply by: Munksunk      Posted: 5/14/2020 7:44:20 PM     Points: 5    
Are they still trying to keep us away?. Planning on going fishing may 24th anyone know about this yet
 Reply by: skunkmaster      Posted: 5/15/2020 10:55:47 AM     Points: 1030    
Check out Wyoming Game and Fish page COVID-19 update link: [log in for link]

The 14 day quarantine requirement for out of state incoming travelers ended May 8, so you can go for the day. Camping is reportedly only allowed by residents in certain State Park campgrounds now: [log in for link]

 Reply by: Jay Rock      Posted: 6/7/2020 11:55:15 AM     Points: 5    
I think what the Governor is saying, if your from Colorado, stay out!! We dont want or need you!!!!
 Reply by: mtnkid      Posted: 6/22/2020 1:59:27 PM     Points: 426    
Thats what you get for thinking jay rock! Tight lines to all my wyoming fishing buddies.