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Lake: Grayrocks Reservoir

ice ????? ice fishing

Post By: droolr      Posted: 1/5/2020 10:13:43 AM     Points: 1582    
can it be icefished ???? or does power plant keep it open ??????

 Reply by: TADA32      Posted: Jan. 10, 12:58:00 AM     Points: 11582    
Ice fishing is allowed.
 Reply by: droolr      Posted: Jan. 13, 11:26:03 AM     Points: 1582    
so i does ice up enough to ice fish ???? i wondered if coal fired power plant kept it from forming solid ice .
 Reply by: Fishinearl23      Posted: Jan. 16, 4:16:33 PM     Points: 115    
I iced it last year, it had a solid layer. I am going to check it on the way further north this weekend,
 Reply by: Fishinearl23      Posted: Jan. 17, 6:21:56 AM     Points: 115    
Picture from last night showed there is no ice, Which is kinda nice going to take the kayak out this weekend, east boat ramp accessible, could even back a full size boat down