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Ice Report

Post By: sauer67      Posted: 12/11/2019 12:17:00 PM     Points: 90    
I live near Loveland Colorado and was wondering how the ice is looking in Wyoming. The most recent updates for Wyoming lakes where on the 15th of November....I'm sure a lot has changes since then.
Thanks everyone
 Reply by: ashaffer      Posted: 12/11/2019 5:46:37 PM     Points: 120
Reports take a little extra time to get approved for WY waters, I've noticed.

I submitted one yesterday for a SE WY lake where we had 5-6" of ice where we set up, so I'm sure there's a few lakes near Laramie and Cheyenne with relatively "safe" ice. Conditions can change quickly this time of year, though, so bring your safety gear and a spud bar!
 Reply by: sauer67      Posted: 12/12/2019 7:05:32 AM     Points: 90
Thanks ashaffer,
I noticed that as well, I wonder why.
That's good to know that people are getting out thou, I'd like to get on some eyes thru the ice soon, and it's been to warm down here lately and was wondering about up there.
Good advice for any time of the just never know.
 Reply by: Matt      Posted: 12/18/2019 2:20:16 PM     Points: 86394
Thanks guys. We need to find more help here in WY in regards to editors. I think initially a Reports Editor who can oversee all reports would be most helpful. It is like a "Grand Skipper" so to speak.

I'd love to also find some good Regional Editors. Right now WY is divided into 4 sections. We can alter that if need be, but the Regional Editor is also like a "Grand Skipper" for just one section of the state.

I'd love to have editors who actually reside where they help out, but in this case since it's been difficult finding local folks, I'd be happy to have anyone interested and knowledgeable about the area sign up.

If you know anyone or want to help, let me know. Shoot me a message from my bio page:
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 Reply by: elkskinner      Posted: 12/21/2019 3:00:14 AM     Points: 392
Two weeks ago, ice at Wheatland #3 was 6 to 8" thick.

3 of us, 12 rods, 8 hours, 2 fish. 4.2 pounds and 3.95 pounds. Nice fish, but still, not a very good catch rate.

Another Lovelander here.