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Lake: Glendo Reservoir

Glendo Ice

Post By: Walleye Wackin      Posted: 1/13/2019 7:43:00 PM     Points: 56    
Hoping someone could provide an ice report. Planning a trip in the next few weeks.

 Reply by: droolr      Posted: 1/28/2019 3:56:59 PM     Points: 2105    
still no ice reports hmmmm .
 Reply by: fishaddict1123      Posted: 1/29/2019 12:48:10 PM     Points: 30    
Call the glendora marina
 Reply by: fishaddict1123      Posted: 1/29/2019 12:50:40 PM     Points: 30    
Call the glendora marina my mom and dad drove by the lake 2 weeks ago and said people were out there fishing it.
 Reply by: culinarypunk      Posted: 1/29/2019 8:26:17 PM     Points: 84484    
Glendo is capped and most placed have 8 to 12 inches of ice. The shore is some place will need a 4 to 8 foot plank. With the weather warming up this week who knows how long it will take last
 Reply by: droolr      Posted: 2/3/2019 11:44:37 AM     Points: 2105    
where can i buy minnows at glendo ?????
 Reply by: Wilbur Rednbacker      Posted: 2/4/2019 10:12:24 AM     Points: 2079    

Glendo trading post has them.

(307) 735-4099

They don't pick up the phone much but are open from 5:30am to 8:00pm.