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Lake: Lake Hattie

Open seat on a boat for me

Post By: Peppercash      Posted: 9/7/2017 2:49:36 PM     Points: 280    
I would love to fish on a boat i live in greeley co and will drive to the lake anyone with a open seat pls let me know i would help with gas also tired of bank fishing email me at thx again
Lake hattie,twin butts
 Reply by: culinarypunk      Posted: 9/7/2017 5:03:10 PM     Points: 83441    
I'm on pathfinder tomorrow.
I'll have the wife, daughter and two dogs
 Reply by: Peppercash      Posted: 9/7/2017 5:07:21 PM     Points: 280    
Dang a little to far for me to drive but tytyty so much if u ever go to hattie or twin butts let me know TY AGAIN
 Reply by: culinarypunk      Posted: 9/8/2017 9:04:07 PM     Points: 83441    
NP, email me so I have your contact

 Reply by: Peppercash      Posted: 9/9/2017 12:04:33 PM     Points: 280
 Reply by: culinarypunk      Posted: 9/9/2017 6:49:40 PM     Points: 83441    
Got your email.

Will be doing a post about the trip. It was great.
My 1st Wyoming eye was nice and the lake has some nice trout!
 Reply by: Peppercash      Posted: 9/11/2017 2:07:21 AM     Points: 280    
Sweet did u get any pics and how far is lake hattie from where u are at i will help pay for gas also thx again
 Reply by: fishjefe      Posted: 9/11/2017 8:20:03 AM     Points: 2078    
It's a little over 2 hours.

Here the pics

[log in for link]
 Reply by: Peppercash      Posted: 9/11/2017 10:41:39 AM     Points: 280    
Wow great fish man nice job we have to get out toghter for sure
 Reply by: Peppercash      Posted: 9/11/2017 10:43:38 AM     Points: 280    
He is 2 that i caught from hattie lastyear from shore
 Reply by: culinarypunk      Posted: 9/11/2017 6:22:52 PM     Points: 83441    
nice fish!

Thanks fishjefe for linking that up
 Reply by: NerkaNerd      Posted: 10/22/2017 8:42:07 PM     Points: 523    
So does anyone have any idea why there have been no updates on Wyoming lakes for the past week? Maybe folks are too busy fishing?
I sent in an update for Lake Hattie last Tuesday. It's been well past the 48 hour check period and I'm not seeing ANY updates on ANY lakes in Wyoming since the Wheatland #3 update from October 13th. Weird...
 Reply by: culinarypunk      Posted: 10/23/2017 1:45:40 PM     Points: 83441    
i'm sorry your report was never approved! I just looked and sent it in!
 Reply by: culinarypunk      Posted: 10/23/2017 1:47:17 PM     Points: 83441    
It does suck that we don't get constant updates! Your report was a great one, Thank You!

We seem to go through spurts!

Please fill free to tell your friends and anyone you can about the site so we can get more people involved!

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