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Lake hattie

Post By: catfishking      Posted: 8/23/2017 5:18:52 PM     Points: 162    
Thinking about coming up Saturday would love to catch some kokes from shore is it to early
 Reply by: fishinwfoos      Posted: 8/23/2017 11:39:27 PM     Points: 105    
My friend did well this past weekend but they were over 40' of water
 Reply by: culinarypunk      Posted: 8/24/2017 9:26:53 PM     Points: 83441    
Very few reds are on shore, another week would be better but knowing you, you will limit out
 Reply by: catfishking      Posted: 8/25/2017 5:57:23 PM     Points: 162    
Ok thanks if I go tomorrow I'll let you know how I do
 Reply by: catfishking      Posted: 8/26/2017 9:55:29 PM     Points: 162    
Me and my brother fished it today still to early from shore but did manage 2 kokes both still silver with hook jaws also caught some trout 1 good one over 5 lbs and 3 suckers
 Reply by: fishinwfoos      Posted: 8/30/2017 8:41:40 AM     Points: 105    
Do you guys just cast jigs and stuff from shore when they are near the edge?
 Reply by: culinarypunk      Posted: 8/30/2017 1:20:55 PM     Points: 83441    
i jig 1/4oz kastys (green-silver or orange/silver)
suspending jerk baits
and small tubes
 Reply by: catfishking      Posted: 9/1/2017 2:38:05 PM     Points: 162    
Anything pink or orange works good I'm hoping to go back as soon as the bite gets better
 Reply by: catfishking      Posted: 9/4/2017 7:03:18 PM     Points: 162    
Anyone been there in the last week any new updates
 Reply by: fishinwfoos      Posted: 9/5/2017 2:54:35 PM     Points: 105    
I think I will be there this evening but will most likely leave the boat at home for the day. Not sure what to do for kokes as I target walleye 95% of the time but I will give it hell and let you know.
 Reply by: fishinwfoos      Posted: 9/6/2017 5:35:03 AM     Points: 105    
I threw kastmasters and managed one really nice koke. Hopefully it will improve. The guys that work for me were getting quite a few of those really small 6" football rainbow but they just drown bait. Its only about 20 mins away so I should be able to keep at it.
 Reply by: catfishking      Posted: 9/6/2017 1:38:43 PM     Points: 162    
Were you fishing on the dam and did you see any jumping around
 Reply by: Peppercash      Posted: 9/7/2017 4:59:57 PM     Points: 280    
I would love to fish on a boat i live in greeley co and will drive to the lake anyone with a open seat pls let me know i would help with gas also tired of bank fishing email me at thx again
Lake hattie,twin butts
 Reply by: catfishking      Posted: 9/11/2017 8:51:20 AM     Points: 162    
Fished it Friday Dead Sea for awhile than got into the kokes my brother limited out I got 3 lost a few most are still silver some are red my friends camped there all weekend they got into the kokes pink Tasmanian devil
 Reply by: fishinwfoos      Posted: 9/11/2017 8:28:54 PM     Points: 105    
Nice man. Is early and late better?
 Reply by: catfishking      Posted: 9/11/2017 11:31:51 PM     Points: 162    
Early wasn't good for us the salmon woke up afternoon around 130

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