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Lake: Pathfinder Reservoir
Fish: Walleye

Walleye Trip to Pathfinder/Alcova

Post By: Catching Colorado (AddictedAngler)      Posted: 8/16/2017 5:49:41 PM     Points: 781    
Hey folks. I'm getting married in September and chose to drive my boat to Pathfinder for my "bachelor party". AKA fishing my face off. Anyhow, I am curious if any of you can point me in the right direction over there at Pathfinder reservoir. I've had some people I know fish it and they say it can be great for walleye. My questions are basically as follows:
1)What is the best access to the reservoir that is closest to potentially "good" walleye fishing?
2)What is the main forage in the lake? Shad?
3)Should I bring my trolling gear or leave it at home? We really are after walleye but won't be mad if we catch some decent trout.
4)Max depth of the lake?
5) Any cautions in the water I should look out for? I am bringing my ranger 620.

Thanks for the help
 Reply by: Dan Swanson      Posted: 8/16/2017 10:41:10 PM     Points: 1389
Fished Pathfinder last weekend. Caught a lot of eater size walleyes and big trout. Slow death in 10-25 feet of water in the Sweetwater arm west of the boat ramp. Also the many points and sand areas around Bird Island.

Depth varied throughout the day. Use your electronics. We also did good on Moonshine Shiver Minnows and Jigging Raps the same depths. The ramp at Bishop Point in the Sweetwater arm is usable but is narrow because the dock takes up too much of it. The ramp at the marina is better and not as much dirt to drive in. We camped at Bishop so we used it.

Spend some time on Google Earth and get waypoints of the shallow stuff. The September 2009 satellite views show the lowest water level. August 2012 is a bit higher. Both are useful. There is a lot to hit there along way from shore. Doing some homework with Google Earth is worth it. If you have a Lowrance HDS Gen 2 or newer or Elite HDI, Chirp or Hook you can download a free Insight Genesis social map of Pathfinder. It's not complete but some shoreline areas have data. These areas are where people fish.

Main forage in the lake is crayfish and other fish. No shad that I know of. Might be some shiners.

You could troll crankbaits on planer boards near shore. Didn't observe a lot of suspended walleyes.
 Reply by: Catching Colorado (AddictedAngler)      Posted: 8/16/2017 11:27:14 PM     Points: 781
Dan, Thank you so much. That was very thorough and helpful. I will make sure I am packing my slow death stuff. Got plenty of jigging raps and will bring the boards and a couple lead core rods. I do have a Gen2 so I will also download the social map. Sounds like you had a good time out there. What's the size regs at Pathfinder? 15"? And one more thing, were you trolling bare hooks or spinner rigs with the slow death?

Thanks again Dan. Really appreciate it.
 Reply by: Dan Swanson      Posted: 8/17/2017 7:35:55 AM     Points: 1389
Good call on the leadcore. We did get some trolling with lead too but went back to slow death as we caught just as many and about the same size.

We did best with a bead and a Macks smile blade in front of the slow death hook. Sometimes you didn't need it.

Make sure you have the latest software update for your Gen 2 for the ,apps to work. Depending how,out of date your software currently is you will notice the user interface will change. It will be the same as the Gen 3 after the update. The biggest thing that messes people up is Your edit data overlay Is no longer on the main screen. You get it by pressing the power button. A menu pops up and it will be there. If you have any problems feel free to email me through the field editor link on my bio page.

You'll need to check your regulations for sure, but I don't think there is a size limit on Pathfinder. We needed minimum of 17 for the tournament so I wasn't really paying attention to the smaller fish, other than I wish we could have kept some to eat. You should have a,good time. I reallly like the lake.
 Reply by: Catching Colorado (AddictedAngler)      Posted: 8/18/2017 11:48:46 AM     Points: 781
Nice! Alright cool, I have some smile blades and beads so I'll be set there. I just got the boat this year and took the liberty to update the units this early summer. It looks like my buddies Gen 3 interface wise so I think I have the most current version but I will make sure.

I called up to WY F&G and they told me no regs on size for Pathfinder. Limit is 6 fish. The only reg is on Lake Trout 24" and up (1). But we always put the big guys back anyway.

I'll let you know how we do once I get back to town. We will probably try to hit up Alcova while we are there as well. Who knows, might get lucky enough to throw a fly in the "mile". As I mentioned before. Very helpful and thank you for the knowledge!
 Reply by: fishjefe      Posted: 8/23/2017 1:32:25 PM     Points: 2078
Thanks a lot Dan!

Hope your trip next month goes great! can't wait to hear about it!
 Reply by: culinarypunk      Posted: 9/9/2017 10:14:28 PM     Points: 84487
Just spent a few days in the area. Boy do the county 1 plates come out during the weekend (natrona county Wyoming licence plates)
Less people at pathfinder than alcova. More fishing boat on pathfinder compared too alcova.

Trolled and caught nice bows and eyes in 30 fow or less in jointed raps, dynamic J spec and crawdad jerkbaits.

Water temp is down too 65
 Reply by: Catching Colorado (AddictedAngler)      Posted: 9/13/2017 8:09:00 PM     Points: 781
Here was our trip in a nutshell! [log in for link]