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Do you want to fish warm water species in SW Wyoming?

Post By: culinarypunk      Posted: 8/5/2017 6:27:03 PM     Points: 83466    
I know I get the itch and I don't want to drive over too casper or further east.

SO head south on US 191 and hit these two lakes

Starvation Reservoir: The reservoir continues to produce great kokanee fishing! For best results, try trolling a pink mini squid with a very silver/iridescent dodger. Fly anglers are also finding success using size 6-8 bead head leeches and buggers in olive, black/orange, and purple. The water temperature this past week was 73 degrees, and visibility was about 6 to seven feet. DWR biologists stocked more than 250 crappie from Pineview Reservoir into the reservoir, to establish a new population of forage fish. If you catch a crappie, please release it so the fish can help establish the new population. (08-01-17)

Steinaker Reservoir: The summer irrigation season has started, and the water level is dropping. Bluegill fishing is still fast for anglers fishing from boats. For decent-sized bluegill, try fishing along the northern shoreline. For largemouth bass, try along the rocky shore on the reservoir's east side. Try using small tube jigs tipped with a nightcrawler in about 8-15 feet of water. If you're fishing from the shore, you can use a casting bubble or a slip bobber to suspend your jig off the bottom. Note: The DWR has issued an emergency change that removes fish limits at Steinaker. You're welcome to keep all of the fish you catch. This change will remain in effect until Dec. 31, 2017 and will likely be extended into 2018. The Bureau of Reclamation will be drawing Steinaker down this year, and in 2018, so the dam can be repaired. The drawdown will take the reservoir past dead pool, and a complete fish kill is expected. It will be restocked with bluegill, rainbow trout and brown trout soon after it refills. Largemouth bass will be restocked the year after refilling begins. (08-01-17)
 Reply by: fishjefe      Posted: 8/6/2017 12:52:27 PM     Points: 2078    
yeah, when I want to get my fresh water fish on and want to keep some, that's where I head. Utah doesn't encourage catch and release so I may my 75 bucks for a year licence and make sure I use it.
Good Fishing at these two lakes because not a lot of utards go.