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Lake: Glendo Reservoir
Fish: Walleye

Opinion Grayrocks or Glendo

Post By: Fishing Info      Posted: 7/26/2017 3:31:44 PM     Points: 17    
I am planning on making a trip from Colorado up to either Grayrocks or Glendo in September. Can anyone give their opinion on which one of these is a better bet for good Walleye action? Or is one of them better known for bigger fish? Thanks for the help in advance
 Reply by: lov2fish      Posted: 7/26/2017 4:29:41 PM     Points: 1026
In my opinion both fish pretty well.
 Reply by: culinarypunk      Posted: 7/26/2017 9:38:44 PM     Points: 84487
Grayrocks fit less people and quality, Glendo for numbers
 Reply by: fishjefe      Posted: 7/27/2017 11:48:53 AM     Points: 2078
x2 on what culinary said
 Reply by: Fishing Info      Posted: 7/27/2017 2:46:43 PM     Points: 17
Thank you, I appreciate it
 Reply by: LTC Deano      Posted: 7/28/2017 10:57:47 AM     Points: 155
I seem to do better at Glendo in Sept, seems to me bigger fish, water levels are lower, concentrate more fish in some areas. Using both worm harness and pulling Raps.