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roubaix lake South Dakota

Post By: culinarypunk      Posted: 7/10/2017 5:01:59 PM     Points: 83431    
has anyone fished it? any info about the lake/area?
 Reply by: LTC Deano      Posted: 7/12/2017 8:50:55 AM     Points: 155    
I'll give my brother a call, he fishes once an awhile. We'll see what he says.
 Reply by: culinarypunk      Posted: 7/12/2017 12:24:48 PM     Points: 83431    
Awesome, thank you
 Reply by: LTC Deano      Posted: 7/13/2017 8:52:18 AM     Points: 155    
Bad News, he has yet to fish this lake this year.