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Lake: Grayrocks Reservoir

Walleye Tournament

Post By: FishingApex      Posted: 6/19/2017 8:38:09 PM     Points: 8940    
I'm heading uo for the tournament this weekend and was wondering how the walleye fishing was. I'm also bringing my boat up amd was wondering what rhe prosess was with that.
 Reply by: Conbriden      Posted: 6/19/2017 9:17:29 PM     Points: 5    
Haven't been up to fish recently but if you're bringing your boat from out of state stop at port of entry to get an inspection. In my experience you're just as likely to run into a ranger on the lake as somebody doing inspections before your drop your boat
 Reply by: LTC Deano      Posted: 6/20/2017 12:03:03 PM     Points: 155    
Walleyes are going strong, some people are using worm harness, some are jigging, fish seem to be anywhere from 4ft to 18ft.