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Lake: Keyhole Reservoir


Post By: Wiley      Posted: 12/13/2016 7:17:11 PM     Points: 105    
Im going to be heading up to Gillette for work next week, was hoping someone may be able to suggest a general area to get started looking. Tips on bait and tackle would be nice but mostly looking for a little direction as to the best ramps to get on the ice and what depths are recommended. Might not get time to fish but thanks in advance for any pointers.
 Reply by: culinarypunk      Posted: 12/14/2016 2:04:56 AM     Points: 84484    
4" ice on most areas. Crappies are good near the spillway. 10-35 fow

Perch are a little shallower.

Eyes are in 40 fow middle of the day.
 Reply by: Wiley      Posted: 12/19/2016 8:31:46 AM     Points: 105    
Well thanks for the tips. Unfortunately I got sent a different direction. So. Was unable to fish this weekend. I hope to make it up there next month.
 Reply by: fishjefe      Posted: 12/19/2016 8:35:35 AM     Points: 2078    
how often do you make it up ?
 Reply by: culinarypunk      Posted: 12/20/2016 7:44:08 AM     Points: 84484    
Hope you can get up here for some ice!

The later the better the ice
 Reply by: Wiley      Posted: 12/23/2016 7:30:17 PM     Points: 105    
I don't get the chance to go up that way too often but I've been wanting to ice keyhole for awhile. So if I can squeeze it in I'm going to try to get up there this winter. Stay safe and tight lines!