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Laramie Lakes

Post By: tkettner      Posted: 3/10/2014 2:17:20 PM     Points: 448    
Was looking to go fish Hattie and surrounding areas this coming weekend (15th and 16th) but noticed that the weather is supposed to drop decently as the week progresses. Any idea if it'll be enough to freeze the lake to the point where shore open water fishing isn't possible? I know a decent amount is open currently, but was hoping it would stay open.
 Reply by: showcase      Posted: 3/10/2014 11:12:21 PM     Points: 1783    
I really don't see it freezing hard enough that you couldn't fish at all, the key is the wind as long as it blows it will keep it open. Our weather is supposed to be in the 40's all week except Tomorrow and It's still supposed to be 35 and a low of 16, I would say you will be just fine. Watch the lake page and I will have an update towards the end of the week so you will know for sure.