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The forum is intended to share ideas, opinions, fishing information, ask questions, and more, and has to be a place where everyone feels comfortable participating.

Failure to follow the rules below may result in your post being removed, and posting privileges suspended. We reserve the right to remove any post for any reason, without notification or recognition.

Forum Rules

1) Be Courteous

Write forum posts with common courtesy to other members and the general audience. Strictly argumentative posts are not allowed.

2) No Personal Attacks

Do not target other members. If a topic indirectly exposes an issue you feel strongly about, start a new forum topic addressing it or write an opinion piece to publish as a guest blog. If a topic directly exposes an issue and solicits opinions, reply with courtesy.

3) No Profanity

Do not use profanities, including references to profanity & comments that are considered taboo or adult in nature.

4) No Advertising of Products and Services

Do not use the forum to promote third-party products and services you are affiliated with unless you have written permission from Fish Explorer.

5) Photographs

Do not post objectionable material, including images that show disrespect for fisheries, waters, parks, and the Fish Explorer audience and membership. Do not post images that you do not have permission to reproduce.

6) No Promotion of Illegal Activity

No promotion of any illegal activity, including but not limited to tresspass, poaching, game law violation, unlicensed guiding, unapproved (no use permit) fishing contests, etc.

7) Website Issues

If you have a question or complaint regarding these rules or use of these rules, moderator actions, or management decisions, do not post it to the forum, instead contact the website administrators via email.

Basic Guidelines

a) Opinions

Opinions are allowed and encouraged. It is often difficult to express your opinion without offending someone. Offer your opinions with well thought out verbiage, follow rule #1, reiterate that you are expressing your opinion, and be respectful of others' opinions. Again, avoid pointing fingers at specific individuals. Use terms such as “I think” or “In my opinion.” Avoid responses such as “you are wrong.” Bear in mind that any time you reference another member directly, your response may be taken personally. Using courtesy means giving polite consideration and respect to other’s viewpoints, even if you disagree.

b) Best Practices

Refrain from using ALL CAPS - use sentence-case capitalization. Write in complete sentences. Refrain from using acronyms and shorthand as much as possible so new anglers can understand your message. Most browsers have spell-check in the box you use to submit your post - use it. Use paragraphs to split long text.

c) Assign post to Lake and/or Fish

If your new topic post is about a specific lake or fish species, select it from the drop-down menus when you start the new topic. This helps catalog the posts and if a skipper is involved with the lake, they will receive notification of your post.