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Dale was born and raised in a small town in western Pennsylvania, a little less than an hour from Pittsburgh. Dale's passion has always been for cooking and as a junior in high school, he left the traditional high school setting to pursue a focused high school diploma in Culinary Arts. Ironically, Dale's father, who had been employed in the automotive field as an ASE master mechanic for as long as Dale had been alive, had also worked as a cook, before Dale was born, when his father served in the Army.

Dale's father also passed down his passion for fishing. Dale's earliest memory of fishing is when he was 12 years old at North Morland Park. He fished his way through high school and attended college in Pittsburgh, which despite the three rivers did not offer much fishing opportunity. Dale first experienced "the west" when he went to Sun Valley, Idaho as his externship to complete his culinary degree from Pennsylvania Culinary Institute.

At Sun Valley, Dale was given the opportunity to cook for several celebrities and still remembers some of their favorite breakfasts even though he can't remember most of peoples' names. After completing his externship, Dale ended up moving back to his small Pennsylvania town, working at a fine dining restaurant and fishing his old well-known spots.

While back in Pennsylvania, Dale got back in touch with an old friend, Amanda, who had also recently moved back east from "way out west", in Colorado. Dale and Amanda eventually decided to move back west, to Colorado Springs. They got married in 2011 and settled in Rock Springs, Wyoming in 2012.

From Rock Springs, they have access to a variety of different reservoirs and rivers, as Dale has successfully passed on his passion for fishing to his wife and the two spend time together on the water. Dale celebrated his 30th birthday this past March (2015), and Amanda presented him with a Lund fishing boat.

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