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Wyoming Fishing Clubs: North Platte Walleyes Unlimited

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North Platte Walleyes Unlimited

Contact: Jay Zastrow
Phone: 307 265-6877
From website:

North Platte Walleyes Unlimited is dedicated to walleyes and walleye fishermen in the Cowboy State.

While Wyoming's warm-water fisheries have long been portrayed as a poor cousin to the cold-water fish of the high country, they provide outstanding recreation for anglers in the eastern portions of the state.

These waters provide countless thousands of recreation days for Wyoming residents and an increasing number of nonresident anglers who come here to seek trophies and use selective harvest to provide fine table fare for their families.

With members across Eastern Wyoming, NPWU is dedicated to improving our fisheries, fostering family-based recreation, promoting sound conservation ethics, supporting both the weekend angler and the tournament fisherman and introduce the great sport of fishing to as many Wyoming youths as possible.

To accomplish this, we will work with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, lobby our legislators and seek creative solutions to making Wyoming walleye fishing the best in the West.