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A Big Fins Up 2023

Blog by: Cisco Archuleta , CO 1/31/2024
For the past few years now we've taken the first month of the year to recognize those top supporters from the previous year. As the site has implemented more elements that can get “Fins Up” (or “liked”) we now have more to go by, on top of the ever-important focus on number of reports and overall participation. In the past I would go by fins-up tallies which focused primarily on the forum.  This year I wanted to take more into account.

Looking through 2023 information, one member stood out that excelled in multiple categories.  He submitted a ton of reports, shared numerous photographs, was always a welcome poster on the forum, and it is obvious that people enjoyed his contributions with a bunch of fins-ups.  Tops or near-tops in most categories.  So congratulations to Eric, aka eholm, on winning the 2023 MVF (most valuable … fisher, fishexplorer, fishexplorer-er, fotographer, fins-upper, etc.) Thank you Eric for all the contributions you’ve made here, we all appreciate it!  I will be sending you a gift card! 

There are several others that contributed a lot also, and I heard Matt will be sending them a small token of our appreciation for their involvement.  You likely read them on the forum quite a bit, saw their photos, or used their lake and river reports. These honorable mentions are Troutbisquits, ColoradoRay, Barnacles, Wreckstar and Banzai Jimmy. All had combined ranks in the tops of fins-ups and number of reports and/or forum participation in 2023. 

Also I want to mention Regional Editors xavierk31, MAC ATTACK, GoNe_FiShIn_11, and Skippers BW-1775PG and rljb1, and long-time FxR veteran On A Fly were all top-ten in number of total lake/river reports in 2023.

We appreciate everyone's support, contributions, and participation.  Thank you! 
Photo by eholm
Blog content © Cisco Archuleta
Blog Comments
Wreckstar, 1/31/2024 7:11:00 PM
Thanks to everyone for all they put into this site. If my company ever blocked this site in my work computer I would be in trouble. Cisco, nice to meet you the other day at Sandpiper!!
ColoradoRay, 1/31/2024 7:30:36 PM
Well Cisco you certainly picked a most deserving member to honor. I truly enjoy reading his accounts of his many treks and adventures. And his pictures are spectacular too. Not sure what you do for a living Eric but I am glad it affords you the time to get out and enjoy something you seem to have a passion for - chasing a fish somewhere wild and remote.
Banzai Jimmy, 1/31/2024 7:36:56 PM
Congrats to Eric! Very well deserved. And, thank you for the honorable mention. I've upped my fly fishing game in the past year or two, so it's taken me to lots of places I'm happy to report upon.
Troutbisquits, 2/1/2024 7:44:12 AM
Thanks Cisco! Well deserved Eric, you are "gung ho" personified as a fisherman. I always enjoy reading your reports, and I hope the skicefishing season treats you well!
IceAngler86, 2/1/2024 1:57:12 PM
Congrats, eholm, and all the regional editors mentioned! We appreciate all your contributions to the site!
eholm, 2/1/2024 11:48:27 PM
Thanks so much guys! I really appreciate the kind words. I’ve enjoyed sharing the photos, stories, and reports! Here’s to a fishy 2024!