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WG Camping Gear

Blog by: Matt Snider , CO 12/4/2023
Part of Series: Winter Giveaway
We've got some really good camping gear for you in the Winter Giveaway too.  If you're like a lot of people you're starting to think of those 6-month in advance reservations for next summer, whether you like it or not.  So while you're in that mindset, start thinking about the gear you need to add to or upgrade your camping arsenal.  Here are some of the partners offering gear that will surely up your camping game!

As introduced in the newcomers blog, Disc-O-Bed is offering a bunk-bed style cot that not only sleeps two, but can fold into a couch-like bench.  Whether you use this in the snow or wait til next summer, I think you'll love this addition to your camp sleeping quarters. See more about it on their website, and check them out on Facebook and Instagram

Another partner mentioned in the newcomers, Eartheasy is offering a nearly 5-gallon water purifier to keep you hydrated all week long on your next big trip. It's pretty cool, great idea.  Eartheasy also offers a ton of cool yard and garden products.  Check it all out on their website, and visit their Instagram page. 

Grand Trunk
Grand Trunk is offering a 360 swivel stool that will be great on the ice this season, as well as around the campfire next summer. Did someone say something behind you?  Don't get up, just swivel around. Grand Trunk was also mentioned in the newcomers blog. They're also including a waterproof ground mat, and they have a bunch of other cool camping items - check out their website and like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram

Back again much to my delight, Klymit is offering a super comfortable sleeping pad, which I have had for a couple of years and personally LOVE, as well as a camping pillow. Klymit makes terrific gear including tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, chairs and more.  If car camping, overlanding, or tailgating is your thing, check out their website to see all they have, and visit them on Facebook and Instagram to stay up with it all. 

Another introduced in the newcomer blog, ORCA is offering a 40qt heavy-duty ice-saving cooler that you can win and bolster your car camping journeys. ORCA also makes a variety of drinkware and items perfect for tailgating, including a series of collegiate-branded gear. Visit their website to see all their goodies, and check out their Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Outdoor Element
A longtime WG partner, Outdoor Element is back with us again and I am very thankful for their continued support!  This year Outdoor Element is offering a one-winner-takes-all package including their popular multi-tool, fire-starting Firebiner, their new Contour Feather Adventure Survival Knife and a lot more.  Check out their website with a huge variety of gadgets and gear - perfect ideas for your holiday gift giving. Also follow them on Facebook and like them on Instagram

Do you or your kids get carsick on the ride up the winding mountain roads enroute to your camping destination?  Or have trouble on the boat?  Reliefband is back with a solution that may help alleviate the motion sickness. Win their waterproof Reliefband Sport and find out!  I know it is one of the most unpleasant feelings to have motion sickness, and luckily I grew out of it, but I know a lot of people don't.  I hope this helps, and I am glad to have the option back into the Winter Giveaway! This was a little bit of a late prize addition, just added recently.  Read more about it on their website, and visit them on Facebook and Instagram

You can win these in the Winter Giveaway, enter now!
Good luck!

Lend a Fin
Not an FxR+ subscriber? We would love to have your support!  At $40/yr (not $40/mo!) it goes a long way for you and us both! Thank you.
Photo: Klymit
Blog content © Matt Snider
Blog Comments
Kenny Rukspin, 12/4/2023 5:22:29 PM
Matt, there are a lot of cool and exciting prizes this year. Thanks for putting this together!
Matt Snider (Matt), 12/5/2023 9:15:38 PM
Good luck - I hope you win something!

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