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Matt Snider
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WG Lures, Flies, Kits

Blog by: Matt Snider , CO 12/5/2023
Part of Series: Winter Giveaway
Lures and flies - the necessary components for anglers (who aren't bait fishing.)  We just cannot live without them and so are giving away quite a few options in the FishExplorer Winter Giveaway. Great whether you want to tie them on in January or start making your own during the cold months.  Here's a rundown on what we have to give away:

Dynamic Lures
One of our community's favorite lure brands, Colorado-based Dynamic Lures has partnered with us on this event for several years and they're back!  I was introduced to Dynamic with the popular HD Ice years ago, and it is one of the mainstays in any ice fishing box.  I started using the Trout Attacks in frozen Colorado lakes and fell in love with them.  If you don't have any go get some for this season.  5 winners will be receiving a lure pack from Dynamic.  Check out all the lures they have to offer, ice and casting, on their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram

Livingston Lures
Last year you were introduced to these biologically accurate bait-emulating sound-emitting lures and Livingston has graciously come back to join us again this year. I learned of these baits because Pete Maina, muskie fishing legend, hypes them and I try to chat with him every chance I see him to talk toothy critters. But they're not just for apex predators, the packs we are offering in the WG this year are designed for game fish such as bass and walleye - topwaters, cranks and jerks. Learn about them on the Livingston website, follow them on Facebook and Instagram

Do-It Molds
Another long-time partner, Do-It molds is back on board bringing us a kit to either add to your lure-making toolset or to give you a jump start to rolling your own. Do-It is a one-stop shop for creating your own secret magic baits - from jigs to soft plastics, from crankbait blanks to components and materials, and even custom molds and downrigger molds. Wondering how you even start doing something like this?  Check out their plethora of videos. This will give you something to do this winter off the ice! Very excited to have this to offer you as a prize to win this year. Visit their website, follow on Facebook and Instagram to learn more. 

And another long-time friend of the Winter Giveaway, I am always so appreciative of Umpqua partnering with us. Based out of Louisville, CO Umpqua is best known for all the top-quality flies you see in the best fly shops around the world. But their hand tied flies are not their only tool in the shed. This year they're offering a 12-piece fly tying kit which includes all the necessary devices for your tying table whether you are a rookie or experienced fly tyer. It includes scissors, hair stackers, bobbins and more. If you're new to the hobby, check out their videos, win this kit, and start crafting your own fish-fooling creations. Visit their website here, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Good luck! I hope you win one of these!

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Photo: Umpqua
Blog content © Matt Snider

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