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Matt Snider
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Fishing trip/destination lodging clarification in WG

Blog by: Matt Snider , CO 12/27/2022
This was brought up the other day so I wanted to write a quick note here about it to clarify.  In the FishExplorer Winter Giveaway you do not need to pick a trip/destination prize if you do not want to.  If you'd rather just try to win an item from the gear set of prizes you can skip the second page of trip/destination prizes.  

We definitely don't want you picking something you don't want to win!  So if you have chosen to win prizes from the trip/destination set but you didn't want to, contact me to have those changed you. But next time you enter the contest, scroll right down on the first page to the button and click it... you'll receive a prompt asking whether or not you intended to skip that prize, so just say yes and move on. 

Either way, picking from either or both sets doesn't increase/decrease your odds. We will start with the most in-demand prize first, pick a winner, and move on to the next in-demand prize.  Doesn't matter if it is from either set.  And to clarify, if one prize will be offered to multiple winners, then we account for that in determining the rank of the most "in-demand" prizes. So if a prize has 1000 entries and is offered to 5 people, that is not as "in-demand" as one with 500 entries and just one winner.  Get it got it good. 

This should also give you piece of mind to take a few of your entries and vie for gear you perceive may not be as popular.  When we go down the list, if you haven't been chosen as a winner yet, your odds of winning something increase. 

These fishing trips and destination lodging prizes are very popular, and we definitely do not want someone to win that wasn't intending to and isn't prepared to take advantage of it. 

Just 5 days left.

Good luck!
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Blog Comments
Banzai Jimmy, 12/27/2022 6:06:16 PM
Thank you very much for explaining this! I've been wondering how the prize selection was executed.