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Winter has begun and the Giveaway begins soon!

Blog by: Matt Snider , CO 11/17/2022
It is snowing here in northern Colorado, the first significant winter precipitation we’ve seen this season. It’s kind of nice looking out at as I work on the finishing touches to this year’s Winter Giveaway.  That is what I am writing about today – we will be once again launching the FishExplorer Winter Giveaway very soon!

The online event will start early this Saturday morning (Nov 19, 5am Mountain) and run through end of year. We have a lot of great items to give away this year, with some familiar brands, companies, gear, and trips.  As well as some great new ones!  

You can see a preview of the partners involved here, as well as the event format.  Get some good sleep Friday and be ready to start entering to win prizes Saturday morning. It is, as always, free to enter. Up your odds by sending in some conditions reports.

Seriously on that last part.  This time of year things change so quickly.  I just ran by a local pond this morning and ice was beginning to form even in an urban setting.  Good news for ice fishers like myself.  But there was also open water, good news for casting anglers like myself. Report submitted. 

The FishExplorer Winter Giveaway is offered as a “thank you” for helping keep these sort of conditions updates rolling all year long.  I feel it is the least we can offer to help each other out. And right now – well right now is that edgy season with ice thin and thick, open water, open rivers, frozen rivers, low reservoirs, and any other sort of condition you can think of. So help out where you can – submit reports & photos, earn points, earn more entries in the Winter Giveaway. And if you know of any fishing events coming up, submit them to our calendar.

As you peruse the prizes on Saturday, please thank our Winter Giveaway partners by visiting their websites and social media accounts. They're all fantastic, high-quality people and I appreciate all their support. 

Then go fishing because we need to do that to maintain our sanity. Go get em!
Blog content © Matt Snider
Blog Comments
ColoradoRay, 11/17/2022 8:47:32 PM
Thanks Matt. Always looking forward to this every year. And good luck to all who enter.
On A Fly, 11/18/2022 5:50:02 PM
Yay!!!! Thanks Matt! Always looking forward to the giveaway -)
Banzai Jimmy, 11/19/2022 12:39:52 PM
So excited to see that it is that time of year. Thanks to all involved to make this happen each year!
Skookshunter, 11/20/2022 12:32:59 PM
Once again, thanks for putting this on Matt! Always look forward to the giveaway!
Kev-o, 11/20/2022 1:48:07 PM
Some really nice gear up for grabs again this year. Good luck everyone and thank you for doing this Matt. 🎣
rmontgomery84, 11/21/2022 9:14:02 AM
Really cool thanks guys - Happy Thanksgiving to all, tight lines!