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Matt Snider
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Northern Colorado Artist Donates to Fishing Guides

Blog by: Matt Snider , CO 4/21/2020
I chatted with Cody Richardson today, a northern Colorado fisherman, and retired firefighter turned artist.  We met last summer at his booth at the IFTD show where he was showing off an impressive set of art.  It is really good looking stuff. What Cody does is he takes a collection of license plates and forms them into the shape of a fish (primarily, but he also has some cool insects and birds.)  Trying to describe it more won’t do it justice, trust me, so go have a look at his stuff.

A little while ago I picked up on a program he started and thought I’d catch up with him on what he’s been up to.  The coronavirus issues began while he was on a spring break trip to Key West when his fly fishing guide started getting text after text about cancellations.   Not long after, Cody decided he’d do something to help other fishing guides who were surely going to be experiencing trouble.

Cody is taking 30% of his sales and contributing them directly to fishing guides of choice.  It doesn’t matter where the guides are located as long as he can send them money.  When you order a piece, you determine what specific guide gets the gift.  The art typically ranges from $300 for smaller pieces to $650 for larger pieces.  And the proceeds go directly into the pocket of the guide chosen – there is no fund, red tape or paperwork. 

As we all know almost every nook and cranny across the world is suffering from the pandemic and the economic impact it is having.  It can be difficult to figure out ways to help.  If you’re wanting to offer assistance but struggling to figure out where to start, I suggest starting close to home – either locally in your neck of the woods, or in the sense of something close to your heart. Anything we can do matters and there are a lot of people needing help.  This is one example of unique ideas coming to light that offer a way to make a difference in a small granular way.

Kudos to Cody for thinking of this.  If you’re in the market for a unique and cool piece of art, consider what he has to offer. When ordering through his website, enter the guide of choice in the “Special Notes & Requests” section before adding it to the cart.  Give your wall an uplift, give a guide a smile.

As of today Cody’s created 35 pieces with this program since March 30 and has sent over $4,000 directly to guides.

Cody’s Website:
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