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Matt Snider
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Launching: Regional Editor Position

Blog by: Matt Snider , Colorado 12/13/2018
Today we are initializing a change in FishExplorer that has long been in the planning.  As was noted on the forum a while back, a few guys have had new little icons placed next to their name in the forum.  These helpful fellas have been digging around a new system that we started testing a few weeks back.  Today the icons change again, introducing a new role on FishExplorer, Regional Editor.

The Regional Editor position will play an important role going forward.  Back in 2006 we started with 50 or so lakes (no rivers) which was manageable, even with a small membership.  As the site grew, the number of waters has outpaced the number of people monitoring them. With the Regional Editor system, we hope to change that.  

In order to maintain current, accurate information we need help from people local to or knowledgeable about each water we feature. FishExplorer Skippers are considered a local expert on the water of choice, whether that is because they live near it, fish it often, or simply know a lot about it. Finding and supporting Skippers has grown difficult as we approach featuring nearly 700 lakes and river sections across Colorado.  Dividing the site up into smaller, more manageable geographic sections will allow better focus on individual bodies of water, no matter how small or how remote.

I would like to offer a big thank you to Curtis, Jim, and Cisco (aka bron, anglerwannabe, and Gooshunter82 respectively) for testing out the system the past few weeks, and helping me debug and improve the features and tools that comprise the admin system for Regional Editors, and offering to take on the role. These guys are on FishExplorer all the time, are helpful to members numerous ways, and are quite simply just solid characters that embody what FishExplorer is about. I appreciate that very much. Today they kick off a new era.

Colorado is currently divided into 10 regions as you can see in the lake map page using the toggle menu above the map.  The regions are chosen to be more in line with the habits and tendencies of us everyday fishermen, not necessarily by jurisdiction or watershed. Jim is taking on the southern front range, Curtis the Denver metro, and Cisco the northeast regions (with another dedicated member slated to take on the northern front range soon.)  We are looking for and will be considering Regional Editors for the other regions in the state (mtn north, mtn south, mtn central, west, southeast, and RMNP/IPWA). If you are interested in getting involved, or would like to nominate someone who would be a fine editor, please contact us.
The primary objectives laid out for the Regional Editor are to find/enlist Skippers for each body of water in the region, and make an effort to encourage, review and provide as many ongoing conditions reports for each body of water in the region as possible.  We will also be implementing a region-wide systematic lake/river audit to ensure information accuracy for each, which to date has been handled on an as-needed basis.

If you have reached out to help in the past, and we failed to get you involved, please reach out to us again. Sheer numbers and poor systems have led to some cracks that let stuff fall through, and I take blame for that.  We need all the Skippers we can get.  If you can help take care of a lake or river section, whether it has a Skipper assigned already or not, please apply.  The Regional Editors will be receiving and reviewing applications, searching out new Skippers, and making adjustments to coverage as needed. Current Skippers: you will likely be hearing from these Regional Editors frequently.

If you strip away everything on the site, and leave only the lakes and rivers with updated conditions and information, to me this is what makes FishExplorer most useful and unique.  The addition of Regional Editors to our widening team of good folks is a step in the right direction.  There are a lot more improvements slated for FishExplorer, this is simply an important step I felt was a top priority.
Blog content © Matt Snider
Blog Comments
lackskill, CO   12/13/2018 6:07:00 AM
Looks good, congratulations guys.
bron, CO   12/13/2018 7:36:28 AM
Thank you for opportunity Matt!
Wattzz, CO   12/13/2018 10:49:48 AM
I was wondering about all the lake updates lately, most are "drive by reports" but I guess it better then no report at all, I was starting to think all these drive by reports were to get in the drawing for the reports, Congrats on the new roles
Matt Snider (Matt), CO   12/13/2018 12:05:48 PM
I did a fair number of drive by reports the last couple of weeks, mainly to check on the ice status around my neighborhood. Drive by's are much better than nothing, especially for status updates when, like now, things change almost daily. I find that in the late spring through late summer, when water temps and strategies change with the season, actual fishing-specific details prove more helpful.
Wattzz, CO   12/13/2018 12:39:54 PM
Yes Matt a drive by report to see if a lake is starting to cap gets most excited about be able to drill holes, And I did mention it is better then no report at all