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Carp on the Fly Resources - Part 2

Blog by: Tom McInerney , CO 9/7/2018
Part of Series: Warmwater Fly Fishing
Based on the forum and last blog, I'm glad to see I'm not the only here into carp on the fly. 

Here's some more resources to help you get the the best tug in freshwater.

Websites (duh) - Never mind all the articles mentioned in the first blog of this series. You can also sort the forum based on species. On the forum page, in the upper right hand corner, you can sort forum posts by lake, river, or species. You can find a lot of stuff about carp fishing, fly or otherwise. (In fact JOHN FINNEY is up to six seasons of Carp Quest this year.) You can also to a Google site search for all the blogs about carp over the years we've had, just copy and paste "carp" (without the apostrophes) into the Google search box and you'll see all the good stuff. - Trevor “McTage” Tanner manages this site with great #carponthefly info. While he doesn't post as often these days, the How-To Overview is invaluable and is even broken into Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master sections. - This is another oldie but a goodie. John "Montana" Bartlett fly fishes for carp on the Columbia River which is a bit different than here on the front range. There's a lot of carp-porn on this page, but scroll down to some older posts and you'll find some great info too. - CarpPro was a site and magazine that lasted for a while a few years ago. The first issue was entirely carp on the fly focused. It has a TON of info by all the big names with great articles and photos. My favorite is the one where John Montana explains fishing with two flies to cover more forage types and force the fish to turn to detect an eat (which can be one of the hardest parts of catching them). The other issues 2-8 are mostly focused on bait fishing but still include some articles on fly fishing. - This is Jay Zimmerman's blog page. And again, while it hasn't been updated in a while, it has a ton of great fly fishing for carp info, specific for the Denver metro area and front range. Gear, flies, tips, grassies, all for Colorado, all here. 

Up next are some great books, podcasts, and videos for carp on the fly.

Trevor “McTage” Tanner of
Jay Zimmerman of and `The Best Carp Flies` book
Blog content © Tom McInerney

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