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Wishing the wife would keep shopping

Blog by: David Coulson , CO 4/27/2018

My retirement has been full of firsts, and today was definitely a first, I wished that Sue, my better half would keep shopping.  Not something you normally want if you value your checkbook balance. Allow me to explain.

Sue is an avid quilter and has had her eye on visiting Hamilton, MO for some time. Its a mere hour from our current RV park, so it was on her must do list before we head to Colorado next week. Its a small community that is very devoted to quilting/sewing. Other than a few restaurants, Main Street is quilting/sewing stores. It's bad enough that they have a "man" cave, essentially a store front, where upon entering it's set up for men to loiter, read, watch TV, play pool and other games, drink coffee (thinking a bar might work also, but no), and has a restroom. Store hours are 9 to 5.

The game plan was I'd drop Sue off and then fish until she was ready to go, which I anticipated would be five or so at which point shed text me. The Bonanza Conservation Area is 15 minutes south and has three small ponds. I'd just finished fishing around the first one, and returned to the truck, around 12:30, for a drink and snack before heading to the next pond.

Understand that my second cast produced a chunky 8 inch bluegill, and then the fishing got good with numerous gills to 9 inches and equal numbers of largemouth bass to 15 inches. It was great fun, fast action, and I had the pond to myself.  So I was looking forward to fishing at least one, maybe both, of the other ponds. I figured if the action was half as good as Id just experienced it was going to have an unbelievable day of catching.

But no, it was not be, as I got to the truck, Sue texted she was done shopping, and ready for lunch. Hard to believe but at that moment I was mildly disappointed the Sue didn't have more shopping to do.

 Ah, well I'm sure Sue will plan for another day of shopping somewhere and with a little luck I'll find another nearby pond full of cooperative fish.

Chunky Missouri bluegill
Largemouth pushing 15 inches
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Blog Comments
opencage, 5/2/2018 2:24:03 PM
Looking forward to seeing you again soon Dave. I can certainly relate here. You suppose Sue ever "wished the husband would keep fishing"? :-)