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Welcome New Members

Blog by: Dale Daugherty 1/16/2018
With new members joining each state on a daily basis I wanted to make a blog to introduce all of my favorite parts of the site.  I want to stress that there is universal knowledge on every state not just the state you live in or will be fishing in.

Lets start with the forums. Each state has two, an FxR+ forum for plus members only and the general FxR forum. Simply choose a state from the pull down screen on the top right of the screen. On that state's home screen it will have the plus and general forums near the middle of the page with the top 10 newest replies to posts. Click on the view more tab and it will take you to the first page of 100's of pages. These posts contain anything from questions about different waters, fish species, for sale and bragging.

On the top right of the forum home screen you will see a start new post tab. Click it, make a title, choose a fish species and a lake and/or river (if applicable), and write your post. If you have pictures you want to add, click the first browse tab and pick your photo. Click the submit forum post button and you are done. When the first person replies to your post you will get a email letting you know.
Please read the posting rules on the right side of the new post screen
Don't be shy to post or reply on the forum! (that was my biggest fear when I first joined FxR in 2008.)

The second tool I use the most is the news section.
This section has state and national fishing news. From new products, meetings, new regulations, poaching cases and much more. Take a while and look through the pages of the news section!

Next up we have the calendar section.
If you know of a meeting or event that you would like to see on the calendar, click on the add calendar event tab and it will be sent to the calendar admin for approval.  This section has new regulations, tournaments, get togethers, end/start of seasons, meetings and more. 

One section I use when I haven't been out for a while is the photo section.
I also use it if i haven't been to a particular body of water and want to get a feel for the setting. If you want to add your own picture click the add photo tab, pick a location and a description. 

The last one I use a lot is the blog section. The top three newest posted blogs are on the top left of the state's home page. For more click the view more link.
From the great stories of some really good sticks and writers, to podcasts and interviews the blog section covers a lot of different topics. 

If you enjoy writing in a public setting go here:

Now, something for the new members in WY, to say welcome to the site I will be mailing a sticker to you and someone will win a free one month trail of FxR+ subscription.

Look around and let me know your favorite tool to use! 

[EDITOR NOTE:] This blog has links to the WY section of FishExplorer.  To reach other states' pages, simply change the "wy" piece of the URL in each link to your state's 2-letter abbreviation in lowercase.

Blog content © Dale Daugherty