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Over Complicating

Blog by: Lloyd Tackitt , Texas 12/26/2017

What is this human instinct to make simple things complex?

Take bows and arrows. From a straight stick that shoots a straight stick using a straight string to a super complex compound bow that has components and pulleys and levers and sights and wheels and cables that shoot carbon fiber arrows tipped with all kinds of different heads.

Or take a kayak. A simple little boat with not one bell or whistle to a complicated assortment of things with a rudder, paddles that you peddle like a bicycle, high tech seating arrangements and (of course carbon fiber) super light paddles and platforms on the back, electric powered motors and depth/fish finder sonar arrays and hydraulic anchoring systems.

Or there is the muzzle loader that went from the hollow metal tube with a stock that you poured powder into, rammed a ball on top of the powder, and lit it off with a primer cap (so to speak) that fired most of the time. Now there are the in-lines that look and load and act like a modern day bolt action rifle complete with accessory mounting rail systems. These have taken a 75 yard rifle to a 400 yard rifle with a scope on it that can be reloaded in seconds and never fail to fire even in the worst weather.

Fly fishing tries to do the same but it's a bit harder. Fly fishing is a fly rod, a fly reel, fly line, leader and a fly. You really can not complexicate that very much - but what you can do is make each component so expensive that a top dollar rig can come in at $4,000.00 or even more.

I had a compound bow once - it was a machine actually, not a bow. It was an arrow launching machine. It wasn't long before I was regressing and going simpler and using a bow again. I've not complicated anything else since. Not on purpose.

Then there are cars, oh holy shit have those become complicated. Used to be there was a chassis, a body, a couple of seats, a motor that had points and distributor. Now it's more complex than a NASA rocket and has more features than one too. These things now are on the verge of being self driven to boot. A simple car is damn hard to find, and generally means getting one that is 30 years old and repairing it.

Even our lives have grown super complex - from a simple life that our grandfathers lived to the complex, complicated, inter-connected, inter-netted, high pressure, low reward life that is actually reversing the gains in lifespans we once were seeing. Our food is killing us. The stress we endure is killing us. There's a reason we have an opiod addiction crisis in this country you know.

There is higher quality in simpler. The further you get from simple the less quality there is, even though the price goes up, even though you can shoot farther and more accurately, even though you can move the kayak with your feet leaving your hands free to fish, even though you can brag about how much your fly rod costs, even though your car will drive you to work, then take your kids to school, and change the baby's diaper on the way to daycare - you lose something far more valuable than you gain by leaving simple behind.

Took me quite a lot of years to figure that out. Sure makes life a lot simpler when you do though.  And did I happen to mention that simpler is better?

Blog content © Lloyd Tackitt
Blog Comments
IceFishingFool, CO   12/26/2017 2:09:52 PM
Lloyd smh, what took you so long ?
Smelly, CO   12/26/2017 2:13:50 PM
It's the perpetual race for " more " . Bigger , faster, more powerfull.And unfortunately more complicated. I agree with you, but it seems we are a shrinking minority. There are a lot of times I feel like .. Fred Flintsone .. Living in the world of the ..Jetson's !! I'm convinced that I will NEVER completely understand how to fully use ANY of the electronic gismo's I own. They are waaaay smarter than I'm ever gonna get !!!
Coyute, CO   12/26/2017 2:35:51 PM
Good blog. I like blogs like this that teach a lesson or tell a story. Too many bloggers these days trying to sell crap or brag on themselves.
rebeason, TX   12/26/2017 5:39:41 PM
My first good fiberglass fly rod, served me for 30 + years till I broke it, tried the new graphite /carbon fiber rods, totally different style of fishing, found me a 30+ year-old fiberglass rod on eBay, now I'm happy again. Plus my fiberglass rods have an action very similar to the fine bamboo rod my wife bought for me after many years of marriage and fishing, it is a used Orvis that is older than my fiberglass rods. I enjoy new technology but only if it is better than the old technology, not just more expensive. I see that they are now producing "new" fiberglass fly rods because the demand has dried up the supply of used rids, Now I have, over the years, acquired a number of fiberglass fly rods from yesteryear and guess what they all are equipped with 30+ year-old Pflueger Medalist reels.
mckinzie, CO   12/27/2017 12:07:25 PM
Can't fight progress. I've tried. Had to learn smart devices for my business, hire millennials, relearn how to not offend people, etc...That is why I LOVE fishing. Figuring out a stretch of water, taking in all the factors and processing all the information in order to present the right lure or fly at the right depth in order to feel that tug that is my drug! The world is always changing, but fishing is my simple pleasure!
skiman, CO   12/27/2017 7:26:47 PM
Itís not the equipment that matters, itís the technique, and your applied knowledge that determines the final outcome. If itís a $450 Sage graphite, or a $45 Fenwick fiberglass, both will catch fish equally well if they are used correctly. I understand the technology is constantly ďimprovingĒ, but the basics will always be the basics, and you will ALWAYS have a choice. Like you Lloyd, simpler is always better in my eyes. Thanks for reminding me. Good blog!
Hawaiian Punch, CO   12/28/2017 7:51:28 AM
K.I.S.S. Keep it simple Sam . . . .less is more.90% of the lures are made to catch fishermen . . .10% catch fish.I work hard to stick to the "less is more" idea. Having every lure does not help,I do not follow any of the pros,but have been knowen to "glass" your lure to see what color or shape is working/not working.Colorado's fishing can be very different from other states fishing . .what works on the great lakes . . .may or may not work here.
Lloyd Tackitt (Lloyd Tackitt), TX   12/28/2017 11:04:32 AM
There's a breakover point with anything like this. One could argue, for instance, that hunting with a long bow is using a modern weapon when compared to using an atlatl or spear or even a flint knife. My idea of a simpler car is still going to be a lot more complicated than riding a horse. We all have to find a balancing point. I think the younger I was the closer that point was to most advanced technology and the older I've become the more that balancing point has moved towards older less complex. I'd expect that is a natural progression as my aging brain likes fewer decisions and complications than it used to. For instance when computers first came out I went to night school to learn how to use them, I was really enthused. Now I loathe the thought of learning new software. And so it least for me.