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Jim McFarland
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Just in Time for Christmas

Blog by: Jim McFarland , Colorado 12/11/2017

Want fishing gear for Christmas, birthdays or other special occasions?  Like say it's Monday?  Let me introduce you to TackleWarehouse.  First they price match any competitor, that's always a good thing.  From there they give military discount so you get a straight 10% off everything. It's really cool, you don't even have to speak with Customer Service.  Simply fill out some documents and provide some paperwork and any time you order the money is automatically deducted.  When you get the initial order confirmation you won't see the discount, but when they actually send it, you'll get another email and it will reflect there. Let me compare to Bass Pro.  Bass Pro does not give me 10% off on their high end items like say a St Croix rod.  TackleWarehouse does, plus they offer free shipping on orders over $50 and there isn't any sales tax.  So lets say I order a $1000 worth of gear from BP.  After sales tax it would run about $1080, the same order from TW would only cost me $900.  But hey Jim!  What if I got the wrong order, didn't like it or it came broke?  Here is where TW really shines.  They ship their items with return postage included.  Yeah, so if you need to send something back.. that's free too.  If you really want to save some money and you can be patient, the following instructions are for you.

Black Friday is usually 20% off.

25 days of Christmas has specific things each day at different discounts, and you can get a TackleWarehouse gift card 10% off.

Memorial day and labor day are 15% off

There's also 4th of July and tax stimulus sale in April, but I forget what the discounts are (10% off?)

There is also the fish hound code for $5 off a total order; It used to be FHABAQ214, but might have changed? I do not know if this code still works or if there is a revised or more current code.

Outside of sales on specific items, the optimum Tackle Warehouse strategy is:

1. buy a gift card at 10% off in December

2. Wait 11 months until the next black Friday for 20% off

3. Group your purchase into sets of items totaling at least $55 per set, but as close to 55 each as possible, then make multiple purchases and use the fishhound code for $5 off each set. Get free shipping for each final purchase being $50 or more.

In theory, it should net you 30-40% off, depending on whether you can group your items in sets worth at least $55, but not over.

Caveat, there are some brands that don't give the sales discounts, like Daiwa and Shimano and St Croix BUT TW has a clearance section and this past Black Friday all items in the clearance section got the 20% off, including the big brand names.  It showed up once you added them to the cart!  While the sales discounts may not apply, the military 10% always does.

TW Link

TW Mil Discount Price match link

Hope this helps some of you!

Blog content © Jim McFarland
Blog Comments
Kev-o, CO   12/11/2017 10:34:58 AM
If you want better gear or some tackle for your friends or family for Xmas with the discounts this could be a good opportunity.
Coyute, CO   12/11/2017 2:35:11 PM
Thanks for the tips. I like buying from Tackle Warehouse even if they do reside in communist California. I've never had a problem with my orders. I no longer shop at Bass Pro Shops (the Sanford and Son of outdoor stores.) Unless I'm desperate, I no longer shop at Cabelas since BPS bought them out. I still use Sportsman Warehouse on occasion when they have the stock.
Jim McFarland (anglerwannabe), CO   12/15/2017 8:59:19 AM
thanks guys. When I buy my more pricey gear, I save until I can afford it. Things like these discounts and then no shipping and no tax really add up