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New Kayak: Jackson Coosa FD

Blog by: Scott Brands , Colorado 12/7/2017
Back in 2016 I purchased my first kayak in the Vibe Sea Ghost 130. This is a solid beginner kayak I would recommend for anyone interested in getting into the sport of kayak angling. It retails for $899 new and includes quite a lot of features for that price point. I fished out of the Sea Ghost for about a year and a half when I decided it was time for an upgrade to a pedal yak. Taking advantage of a Black Friday sale, I purchased the 2018 Jackson Kayak Coosa FD from Pikes Peak Outfitters in Colorado Springs.

The Jackson Coosa FD comes with a variety of features I found desirable, but there was one feature on this kayak that set it apart from the others for me. That feature is what gives the kayak the FD designation: FlexDrive. Basically that means the prop is free to fold itself into the kayak whenever you run into an underwater obstacle like a rock, stump, etc. The props on the other kayaks out there could sure take a beating without this feature and may end up costing you money in repairs if youre not careful. The Coosa FD can also be pedaled in reverse without making any adjustments to the prop. These two features together in one system is what led me to this kayak over against its rivals made by Hobie, Native, and Old Town respectively.

When I took the kayak out for its maiden voyage I instantly started enjoying the advantages over my old Sea Ghost. This thing is roomy, fast, stable, and has plenty of features sure to spoil you. Boyd Lake is a pretty large lake to explore in a kayak, but with my new found speed I was able to make a lap around the lake while fishing all of my favorite spots, where I used to be limited to fish only a handful of those spots due to the slower speed of the Sea Ghost. That day was a multi-species outing featuring Walleye, Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Trout. The forming ice has me chomping at the bit to make further modifications to the Coosa FD and I cant wait to get this thing out on the water this spring!

For a quick walkthrough of my Jackson Coosa FD check out the video here.

Jackson Coosa FDWalleyeBass
Blog content © Scott Brands
Blog Comments
D-Zilla, CO   12/8/2017 6:09:19 AM
<-----Is jealous. Nice ride.
Coyute, CO   12/8/2017 10:21:58 AM
cool boat
pikeNcolorado, CO   12/9/2017 8:43:53 AM
Never heard of the company. I'll have to check them out. Looks like a sweet rig.
threeqtrirish, WY   12/31/2017 5:07:54 PM
Rocky Mountain Mountain Adventures in Fort Collins carries Jackson kayaks. That's where I first saw one and have had my heart set on one ever since.