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Matt Snider
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Winter Giveaway Update

Blog by: Matt Snider , Colorado 12/6/2017
Just over two weeks into the 2017 Winter Giveaway, and it still doesn't exactly feel like winter.  And honestly, it doesn't look much like winter in the coming days.  But that ain't stopping me!

This morning Dave Coulson swung by and dropped off a few things for inclusion in the FishExplorer Mystery Box. I am not going to say whether there were any good things, whether it is all junk, whether it was valuable or whether it was only two things and both made me go "eh".  But there was at least one additional fishing thing added.  Maybe many things. Or maybe not.

We've also added a few new items to the Winter Giveaway since we launched.  These include: 
  • a fishing trip and product packages from Bio Bait, 
  • a Horse & Dragon Brewing Co. gift package (Fort Collins), 
  • a 4-piece fly rod from Elkhorn Fly Shop  in Loveland, 
  • an apparel package from Anglher based out of Lakewood, Colorado, 
  • a package of river maps from Handy Map,
  • and fishing trips with Kevin "fom" Gibbs, Rob "The Fishing DJ" Stout, plus trips for the WY folks with Dale.
So many good things.  Thanks to the newly added sponsors.  And thanks to all sponsors.  And thanks to you all for helping keep all the lakes and rivers updated here on 

I am really grateful for all the terrific fishing trips up for grabs this year.  What to choose: 
  • Ice fishing with Sean Early or Bud "IceFishing Fool", 
  • walleye fishing with Goosehunter82, Kevin Gibbs, or James "Nyet Stalker" Trujillo, 
  • South Park trout with Anteroman or Blue Mesa lake trout with Tracy, 
  • float tubing with Jim or kayaking with Scott or 4-wheelin' cutties with Bron, 
  • urban bass with RK or urban carp-on-the-fly with Rob, 
  • southern Colorado pike with Kris, 
  • private water with Eric Allee, 
  • bass with the Bio Bait guys, 
  • or fly fishing with me or Tom
That covers a lot of different experiences. Thanks to all of you guys for offering these trips! I look forward to hearing about them later!

Need help deciding what to choose next?  Well I can't say specifically, just be sure not to wander around aimlessly on rivers with cluttered fly boxes, get on your horse, make a wife, mom, or sister happy this holiday season, stay warm this winter on the ice, and load up those fly boxes!  Cheers!

Only a few weeks left, so get on it - choose your prizes and enter now!

Blog content © Matt Snider
Blog Comments
bron, CO   12/6/2017 6:15:57 PM
Nice. Matt! My son is all over the trip with Rob now.
Kev-o, CO   12/7/2017 11:53:34 AM
There’s some really cool stuff on the line this year so be sure to enter.
opencage, CO   12/12/2017 7:32:20 PM
Yeah, huge shout out to all the donators this year. I'm holding on to the Elkhorn rod and it's really nice. And I'm stoked for my flats carping trip. It's honestly gonna be like Colorado bonefishing, just me poling you around pointing out golden ghosts. And of course thanks to Matt and Dave and all you folks for the great community that's here making fishing more fun!
IceFishingFool, CO   12/28/2017 7:14:49 PM
3 days left
Abel1, CO   12/28/2017 9:00:59 PM
It's pretty cool of these guys to give so much of their products and their time. Thumbs up to everyone and this site! Thanks for the opportunity! Good luck to all and Happy New Year!