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Wyoming: Online Grizzly Bear Conversation Dec. 5 at 12 noon

Blog by: Dale Daugherty 12/1/2017
Wyoming: Online Grizzly Bear Conversation Dec. 5 at 12 noon

Cheyenne - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department will soon wrap a series of conversations with the public about grizzly bears and grizzly bear management. For those who have not been able to attend an in-person event Game and Fish will hold an online conversation Tuesday, December 5, at 12 noon.

To take part in the conversation please visit Game and Fish's website ( or Facebook page.

This is a chance for people with an interest in grizzly bears to provide input into their management and hear from wildlife managers. In May of last year the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission approved a new version of its grizzly bear management plan that serves as the guiding document for their conservation and management now that the species is under the state's management authority.

The conversation is also a chance for the public to learn more about all aspects of grizzly bear research, education and management in Wyoming and help shape grizzly bear conservation in the future. Game and Fish wildlife managers will open each meeting with a brief informative presentation on grizzly bear recovery and conservation, an overview of the major components of the grizzly bear management plan and what Game and Fish hopes to gain from discussions with the public. Information about grizzly bear management and education efforts is available on the Game and Fish website.

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