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Lake Fork Fishing Report 10/10/17

Blog by: Dakota Jones , TX 10/11/2017
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Lake Fork Fishing Report

At last, fall has arrived in Texas, and you can bet your boots that I am one excited bass fisherman! This may be my favorite time of year, especially for fishing. Not only can I lounge on the boat in a hoodie and sweatpants, but more often than not, I have my favorite bass lakes all to myself. Fall is also hunting season, but while most sportsman take to the woods, I still love to chase the big bass that can be caught this time of year. I have focused a lot of my time recently on Lake Fork, and the fall bite has begun to show itself. In this report I will cover how we are catching bass at Lake Fork so you may also join in on the fun.

Most of you who have read my reports in the past know some of the history behind the lake. Fork is no doubt one of the best bass fishing lakes in existence and has an iconic reputation among all serious bass anglers. This month there will be many tournaments held on the lake. Good luck to all competitors, and happy big fish hunting! If you are looking for a place to stay, be sure to check out Popes Landing or Lake Fork Resort. Both are very clean and a great place to spend the weekend fishing. If you are looking to get out and fish before an event or just enjoy a day at the lake, I will be available most days this month so be sure to contact me and book a trip! 

It has been a weird fall so far. We have had warmer weather longer than usual. Over the past two weeks we have seen a few days of cooler temperatures which triggered many of the fish at Fork to push shallow and chase shad, however, we are still catching bigger fish in deep water. As I write this report, there is a front moving in with cooler temperatures that should move an even larger wave of fish shallow to feast on the shad that will be spawning toward the end of this month. My top two choices for fishing shallow water is a Strike king Sexy Dawg top water bait and a Pure Poison bladed jig tipped with a Blade Minnow. I prefer a Temple Fork Outfitters Pacemaker TPM TW 6104-1 casting rod for top waters and the TPM CB 745-1 for the bladed Jig. 50lb braid and 20lb mono leader for top water baits and 20lb Fluorocarbon for the bladed jig. When fishing shallow, I search for schools of bass roaming points (0-4 FOW) that have both vegetation and stumps present. The deep bite has produced the bigger bass every day. Look for structure in (12-25 FOW) that has shad present. Ridiculously large shaky head worms have been the ticket out deep. A Strike King Bull Worm and Tour Grade Mag head in 3/4oz has been my go-to in deep water this season. I fish this bait on a Temple Fork Outfitters Pacemaker TPM SC 747-1 casting rod and 20lb Fluorocarbon line. Also, keep in mind that Fork is a “slot lake”. There is a slot limit that applies to Largemouth Bass, fish must be under 16 inches or over 24 inches to keep or hold in a live well. Be sure you have an accurate measuring board handy!

I hope this information is helpful as you prepare to head to the lake this weekend. I will be booking trips on Lake Fork and Lake Athens this month and still have some dates available, including: October 11,13,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,26,27,28,29 and 30th available, contact me to book your trip – I charge $300 for half-day and $400 for full-day trips (1-2 anglers). If you’re looking for a fun day on the water catching bass, come fish with me! I look forward to spending time on the water with you soon.