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Valentine's Day...and fishing...

Blog by: Lloyd Tackitt , TX 2/13/2017
Fellow fishing enthusiasts - do not forget that tomorrow is Valentine's Day!  A great fishing day!  And don't forget to give your sweetie a gift too...

Every year I have gone forth to the stores, on February 13th at around 11pm, and purchased the very best of Valentine's Day stuff for my sweet wife.  It takes guts to do what I generally do, the stores look post apocalyptic when I get to them.  Shelves ripped apart and bare, trash all over the filthy floor, blood in aisle nine...and the zombie demons that are fighting over the left over scraps of what were once beautiful flowers and boxes of chocolates?  Well...I'm sure I don't look like them...

So this year I'm doing it better, I started earlier, and I am using original thinking.  I'm not following the herd this time, I'm not getting the tired old usual stuff that everyone gives for Valentine's.  No fancy cards with hollow words of alleged love, no expensive chocolates that taste like crap, no flowers that are a zillion times over priced.  I won't do that to her this time,  no siree, this time I'm thinking on my feet and man is she going to be impressed.

First I'm buying a brand new fishing pole, a really nice one with a super reel and barrel roller line guides - yes, and then I'm giving her my best old pole.  She'll be getting a superb, almost antique, well used, I mean broken in, rig complete with the bait cast reel that only bird nests every third cast.  She'll be so impressed that I am giving her my favorite rod.  It's a sacrifice she is sure to feel deeply about.

Second I'm buying her one of those live-well type minnow buckets - the kind that cools the water and aerates it.  It is battery powered, runs on a 12 volt car battery that I'm sure she is able to carry the three hundred yards or so (uphill) to a favorite fishing spot of mine.  She will have to go back for the new minnow bucket though, I wouldn't want to push her into carrying both at the same time, might be a strain on her. She will be able to keep two dozen minnows alive in the hottest weather, and keep them alive while she sits in the blazing sun - with me of course - all day long.  I know she's going to love it.

And last but not least I'm buying her a high quality fillet knife - and man is that thing sharp, I'll need to give her plenty of room when she is using it.  She'll be able to fillet our catch with the ease of a pro with this knife - and since cleaning the fish will be so much easier I'm sure to catch her smiling as she cooks the fish up for our dinner!  She'll love this, I know she will!

I just hope I'm not being too good to her - I don't want her to get spoiled and become one of those high maintenance trophy wives or something.  But I do love her, and I'm going to prove it big time this year.

You know how I know she loves me?  I found a life insurance policy on me in her secret drawer bottom the other night.  Is that not just the sweetest idea ever?   Yep, she loves me alright!

Blog content © Lloyd Tackitt
Blog Comments
Kennywho, 2/14/2017 7:42:26 AM
You're sooo baaad!
Flyrodn, 2/15/2017 12:15:12 PM
Sue read this and while she laughed, I knew this wasn't the route I should take.