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Larry Henrichs
"LARZOFHARRIS" - Guest Blogger

Rise and Shine

Guest Blog by: Larry Henrichs , FL 8/22/2016
Never in my time in Florida have I seen such a run of absolutely energy draining heat.  Even at sunrise it's sticky, hot, and uncomfortable. But if comfort is why you fish, take up Bridge. At least you won't be miserable on my honey holes!
As for the Hot Spots" to fish? That's up to you and your style of fishing.
Just before sunrise the bass will be moving along the shallow shorelines, the edges of the numerous lily pads fields in both the north and south end of the lake, and in open water chasing threadfin. 
If schooling bass is your deal, toss a Red Eye shad or Rattle Trap ( black and chrome is my fave) and combine a ripping action with a falling lapse between rips.  It duplicates a scared bait that's maybe viewed as dying. 
This time of the year I love top-water fishing up until about 8AM when the light starts to truly change and the wind picks up.  Here my go to bait is a good old blue Heddon Zara Spook retrieved in a walk-the-dog pattern.. Another choice for me is the ever reliable.Devils Horse. And don't think top waters only work at dawn. They're a great bait fishing flats when the baitfish move in.
This time of year the bass are truly aggressive despite the high temps and humidity. (they live in water, remember!) .  Reaction bites are normal fare. With this in mid, I switch to flipping the heavy cover in grass mats. Using a one ounce bullet weight, I punch through the mat and let my rubber bait drop into Mr Bass' breakfast nook. I prefer Senko or big Bassassasin baits but that's just me. I pay for the both so it's choice and not an endorsement.  
I've found it useful to have a plan. Pick an area ahead of time you want to give a sot to. Fish it hard, even if it's your only spot that day.  Running all over God's creation wastes gas and that precious pre-sun period. 
Have at it. I can promise you nothing but will insure you a worthwhile trip if you stick to this plan.

LARRY HENRICHS Opening my back door I am feet from Lake Harris in central Florida. I fish no less than two days a week now and expect that to grow in my retirement. My biggest bass to date is 8.6 but I don't target hogs and only fish artificials. I've fished with the likes of Rick Clunn at the '84 Bassmasters in Arkansas, and Ricky Green back in his prime. TV News was my career and story telling my passion. I hope to see you on the water soon.
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