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My first tournament

Blog by: Dale Daugherty 1/23/2016
If it wasn't for Matt and David I would have never of entered my first tournament. I like fishing with a friend or two and being able to move around freely and letting the dogs run around a little also.  
I went into this tournament with the mindset of just fishing with a couple friends and one of us may just catch a fish that wins one of us some money. 
Knowing how my dogs love to say hi to everyone, they stayed home for the weekend, much to their dislike. 
Everything was packed up by Thursday night so I could goto work on Friday and head straight to the hotel after work that night.  Work has been slow on Fridays this winter, well guess what?  This Friday we were very busy!  So I got a layer start than I had hoped for but I had less traffic to deal with!
After meeting David at the hotel and getting a game plan together, it was off to "sleep"
After a few hours of sleep we awake to hit the road to Saratoga lake .  Once at the lake we ment up with Matt.  None of use have ice fished the lake before and only Matt has fly fished the lake. We decided to go straight out from the weight station and fish right by everyone else. 
Right away Matt and his son hook up with a very nice.......sucker fish, it was long enough to weight but it wasn't a game fish so back it went. Matt and his son braved the cold windy Wyoming day without a hut and caught fish all day. Nothing to weight but had action. David and his son caught one rainbow and one sucker. Me? I had a great time, catching nothing and relaxing in a nice warm hut in a beautiful part of Wyoming.
At the end of day one David and I went exploring for spots for the next day and then went back to the hotel. 
We made a plan for the morning and went to bed knowing that a little snow was on the way.
When I woke up and looked at the road conditions, I realized they closed the road just a few minutes after we got back to the hotel the night before.
We ate breakfast and decided to try and make it to seminoe lake sence the road was closed to Saratoga.
We made it to seminoe without any problems. It was a blue bird sky but the wind ruined that by blowing 25mph plus all day!
The wind and cold was worse at Saratoga so Matt left it after catching a few more fish at noon.
David, his son and I fished one of my favorite trout coves on seminoe and missed a few pigs and he caught a nice fat 16" bow.
It was a great weekend with friends and my first tournament. I look forward to fishing  more tournament just for the chance to win a prize while doing something I love to do.
Maybe next time I'll ice a fish! 

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Blog Comments
HeavyC, CO   1/23/2016 8:38:41 PM
Right on!
MAC ATTACK, CO   1/29/2016 1:27:14 PM
Good write up Dale. I didn't know Matt even fished! LOL
shiverfix, CO   1/29/2016 1:45:58 PM
Every time I've fished with you Dale, I've had a great time. And I broke the curse this time and actually caught something! Too bad we couldn't have gotten more of those big fish onto the ice at Seminoe. Had quite an adventure on the drive home in whiteout conditions. Benny and I saw a big rig thread the needle in stopped traffic on the highway and miss everyone and put himself in the median going probably around 50mph.