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Mandatory fish kill regulations are not an option

Blog by: Dale Daugherty 9/5/2015

This will be about the mandatory kill on the burbot in flaming gorge.

As of two years ago there is a mandatory immediate kill regulation on burbot in the entire green river drainage. The burbot is an invasive species here in western Wyoming. They overbred and out compete all other species in the drainage. So the Wyoming game and fish department issued a mistake kill regulation to help get the population under control.

Some people feel/think killing fish just to kill them is wrong and agienst their morals. So they release these fish. This is illegal! 

If you do not agree with or like the regulation then you should not fish the area where the regulation is in place. Plain and simple. If you won't follow the regulation, fish somewhere else or not at all.

You could go to meetings, use Google, use your smart phone or goto a WGFD office and see what you can do to change the regulation.

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Blog Comments
Flyrodn, CO   9/6/2015 7:45:35 AM
I'm in full agreement on this one, as I'm still arguing with Colorado folks we need them.