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Alan Peak
"moosegoose" - Guest Blogger

Skip the Dunkin Donuts

Guest Blog by: Alan Peak , CO 8/5/2014
Those 40 dollar rods from Wal-Mart must not work right?  I mean, they are from Wal-Mart, and who has heard of a three piece fly rod?  And 5/6 weight??  Does that mean 5 weight, or are they not really sure?  The plastic reel seat is a certain hindrance to finding fish.  My favorite part is the foam handle.  Cork, because it is more expensive, catches more fish if you didn't already know.

And so began my day with a Silver Stream 5/6 weight fly rod.  A rod normally bought by someone who has never fly fished before.  I was on a mission to catch a fish with a fly rod normally laughed at by "serious" fly fisherman.  Even the guys I fished with thought I was just being goofy.

I started out rigging my rod like I normally do.  It rigged up just the same as my Sage VXP.  With my rod rigged and friends debating where to start, I picked my run.  I was not quite sure if they would know, the trout that is, that my rod was inferior to my friends rods.

And then it happened, the first fish I sighted in on took my #22 olive WD40.  With a semi functioning drag, which the trout must have known about, he took me for a ride.  Gently palming my screaming reel, it took off into the current never to be seen again.

Thank goodness trout aren't as discriminating as the fisherman that seek them..  As I continued I hooked a few more fish, and then it happened.  I found my feeding fish in a riffle.  A beautiful South Platte rainbow awaiting it's next meal.  I crept up, trying to keep my discount rod from showing, just in case the trout would catch a glance of it before it saw me.  Zing, fish on.  He fell for it.  

Now here is where things get serious.  If you are really not sure what fly fishing is all about, and really do not have the money to get out there and outfit yourself like those cool guys on the river, here is an idea.  You can give fly fishing a go for the cost of 1 cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee a day for one month ( I called, it's $2.14 for a large).. Notice, I didn't say, "Starbucks" if you saved that much money per day for a month, you could actually get a rod with a drag worked and a few more flies in your cup. Here is what you need..

Big Evil Box Store:
-Silver Stream Fly Rod: Rod, reel and fly line.  Throw everything else out, or keep the flies for panfish..

Local Fly Shop:
-One Spool of 5x Mono Tippet or suggested by shop for local conditions, $5.00
-One Leader based on local shop advice, $5.00
-6 Flies based on local shop advice, $12.00
-Strike indicators (I like clear and small), $2.50
-Lead (you know you are in a good shop when they give you advice on lead, I would keep going back if they answer your question with a smile), $4.00

Roughly $64.00, bring your sandals and wet wade!!

Ask the shop, look at the board!!  If you see me say hello, ask what they are eating and I usually keep a couple extra!

Andrew Banks, a friend and guide said it best I think, "It is not the arrow, it is the Indian."  Go be a stealthy, tiny fly throwing Indian!!

Alan Peak is addicted to fishing. By day he is a fly fishing guide and by night he dreams of his next day on the water. You can find him guiding and fishing primarily on the South Platte nearly every day of the week. If Alan is not with his family he is guiding, fishing or tying flies. If you see Alan on the water, say hello! Normally, he ties a half dozen flies of the day for each day for people he meets on the river.
A lovely day with a beautiful trout!
Blog content © Alan Peak
Blog Comments
lewdog, 8/5/2014 2:37:12 PM
Nice Alan. I picked up my fly rod off a guy here on fxr for 30 bucks. Get my flies for 1$ at dicks. Picked up a few reels from a box of junk at a garage sale for 5$. I just use my regular flouro for a leader. I catch fish off cheap equipment every time I go fishing be it my 30$ uglystick or my 37$ flyrod.
Ajax5240, 8/5/2014 4:17:18 PM
Do they color the foam handle tan to look like cork? Must be to fool the fish right?? Great write up, and even better point! I lucked into a great fly rod for my first from another member, but admittedly, at that time I couldn't have told you why it was better. As I learn more about fly fishing I appreciate the rod even more. A well made cast with a crappy rod will inevitably work better then a poorly made cast on a $2000 rod! The foam easier on your teeth?
sylvan, 8/5/2014 4:42:21 PM
Awesome blog Alan however there are no walleye or perch in Colorados rivers and a one ounce bottom bouncer is to much for a fly rod even one of Walmarts.
Tiny Stevens, 8/5/2014 4:59:35 PM
Very good read Alan! When you and I fished together last year, you wrote something very profound on the gift that you gave me that day that ties in and corroborates what you have said in this blog. You wrote, " John, Don't worry about the lingo, or who has the most expensive rod. Just keep a nice, smooth drift and Have Fun! " I cherish that trip we had together, and the memories of the fish we caught! Truer words have never been written , my friend! Tiny
Alan Peak (moosegoose), 8/5/2014 6:33:38 PM
Tiny, we need to get out soon!!! Ajax, they color it perfectly. I opened the box and glanced it over and until I picked it up I did not realize it was foam! Maybe an interesting concept for newer people to fishing who tend to death grip. And I am glad that you made the point Ajax about the cast in the right hands. I see very wealthy people that cannot cast expensive rods. I do not pass judgment and am excited for their enthusiasm. Sylvan, I think you could figure something out!! And Lew, you are an accomplished Indian..
IceFishingFool, 8/5/2014 11:20:15 PM
Nice read Alan, I used to trout fish like Jeremiah Johnson, Indian style. Back then I would have said "Fly Rod ?" what's that ?
JKaboom, 8/6/2014 6:45:18 AM
That's what I like about you most Alan - a very practical down to earth sportsman thanks :)
T-Dawg, 8/6/2014 7:33:03 AM
Great article, i did just that 2 years ago except i purchased waders from sportsmans wh. I have asked questions of all the fly guys on the river and watched 100's of hours of you tube how too's... not to mention running into Rim Chung, who gave me a few pointers and didnt care what set up i had. One thing you left out....Etiquette on the river (priceless) learn it, live it. That is all
itchyreelfinger, 8/6/2014 10:52:19 AM
Great read Moose! Love the attitude!
Goosehunter82, 8/6/2014 6:09:41 PM
Thanks for the post. I don't fly fish but have often contemplated it. You answered a few questions that I have had and I didn't even have to ask! Might just have to swing by Walleye world and see what they have.
Lloyd Tackitt, 8/9/2014 8:05:57 AM
uh-oh. I've been doing something wrong or else it's just way different down here. I've never relied on my drag. I feed the line out and bring it in. My drag is the tension of my finger holding the line against the rod. I get blisters that way sometimes....Great write up! I admire the attitude of "Not the arrow"