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Jeff Jones
"Bassnfly" - Guest Blogger

The Anti-fishing Crowd Has Been At It Again! Part 2

Guest Blog by: Jeff Jones , CA 2/1/2014

...Part 2

Same with fishing line- if I have a big backlash and take a whole lot of line off my spool I put that line in my pocket and bring it home, placing it in a container that collects all my old line until I can take it to one of the many retail locations that have a Berkley Line Recycling station.  Very often the line I collect at the lake or stream is not even my own.  While fishing, snagging line that has broken off of someone else’s cast or just finding line along the shore, I take the time to wrap up the line and set it aside to dispose of properly.

This is the charge of a real conservationist; to not only take care of your own waste but to clean up after others who are too ignorant or self-absorbed to do it themselves.

This is also where local groups are important.  The B.A.S.S. Nation and TBF, Inc., and their local affiliated club and state organizations, groups like Trout Unlimited and others, are vital to proactively monitoring this kind of hidden-agenda attacks on our fishing culture.  These articles credit the Maine clubs with raising the lantern and bringing this attack to a national stage, with getting groups like Keep America Fishing and the American Sportfishing Association involved.

Ban of soft baits in Maine hearing today 2/28, basically it looks like we're looking at pushing the education and collection/recycling of used plastic baits since it is more of a littering problem as the report states. Report stated that bass tournament water bodies were not the problem. The report favored the plastic recycling program the Maine B.A.S.S. Nation's has been involved in over the last few years. The Maine B.A.S.S. Nation will continue to work in leading the way to educate the public and move forward with our recycling efforts as we have been doing. It looks like the committee vote will take place 2 weeks from today (3/11?). Thanks to everyone in the fishing community for attending todays hearing and sending your comments to the committee.” – Maine BASS Nation website posted 2.28.14

I applaud the efforts of the grassroots anglers groups, like Maine BASS Nation, who through the efforts of their members, those who actually fish, managed to bring the spotlight of truth to behind-the-scenes activists who cowardly prefer to remain anonymous and unaccountable for their actions.  Frankly, that is the ONLY way to stop those who would regulate and cost-escalate the rest of us out of the ability to fish at all. 

Stand tall, with rod and reel in hand, and be counted.

P.S.:  The question has been asked about how long it takes for biodegradable soft-plastic lures to degrade. Here is one source that answers the question directly via an interview with the creator of the Berkley Gulp! formula.

“Q: So your baits are biodegradable. How long do they really stick around?
A: “That all depends on the environment. In a well-run landfill, a Gulp! bait will be gone in 8 to 10 months. In saltwater, they generally last one to two years, and about the same or a little less in fresh, again depending on current, water clarity and temperature.””  - Field & blog interviewing John Prochnow

An avid angler and writer, Jeff started tournament bass fishing in 1990. While his first love is bass fishing, he also enjoys fishing for other species including fly-fishing and saltwater. Jeff is active with area bass organizations and has held most officer position at either the club or state level and has been a frequent State Team Qualifier. A guest speaker for the Bass Pro Shops Spring Fishing Classic, Jeff has presented numerous seminars and tank demonstrations and is dedicated to promoting the sport of fishing through education and youth.
A retail recycling station. Fill it up!
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